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Explottens Guide: Tips & Cheats To Fly Like an Ace

Explottens Guide: Tips & Cheats To Fly Like an Ace

When the evil K.L.A.W organization emerges from the shadows and threatens the peaceful world of Catmandu, it is up to one ace squadron to save the day! Explottens is a high-octane twin-stick shooter released on the Apple Arcade. Fight against the nefarious K.L.A.W in thrilling aerial battles, dodge huge torrents of bullets, and unlock powerful new weapons for your ship!

In Touch Tap Play’s Explottens tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of dogfighting and how to take out your opponents like a pro. We will help improve your chances of survival in the air, and we will also show you some good weapon setups. Let’s get started with our Explottens cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to fly like an ace!

Know your Objective

In Explottens, the game lives up to its name for the most part – your main objective most of the time is to simply destroy a certain amount of enemies, and the level is considered completed.

Sometimes however, you may need to do something other than blow everything up in sight. The earliest example of this is mission 5 where you have to stop a pawtomic bomb balloon from reaching your control tower.

If you get carried away, you can waste a lot of time simply fighting the respawning enemies, so you will have to ignore some of them and go straight for the balloon.

Before you head into a mission, make sure to read up on the briefing so that you know what you have to take care of!

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Choosing the Right Difficulty

Right before a mission starts, you are able to select one of the three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. Difficulty affects enemy aggression, health, and attack power. The higher the difficulty, the more lethal bullets will be to you and the harder it will be to take down enemies!

However, the struggles are not without rewards! The harder your difficulty, the more experience points and coins the missions will be worth. No pain no gain, as they say! Try to play on the hardest difficulty level you are most comfortable with.

If things get too hard, you can always restart the mission on an easier difficulty setting. Also, do not worry about trying to beat all missions on hard the first time through – some missions are just way too difficult so it is better to come back later with upgraded weapons and ships.

Circular Rotations Help you Evade

When you are dodging a hailstorm of bullets, it might help you to perform circular rotations around the bullets so that you can condense the bullets to one direction.

The idea behind this is that repeated circular movements will eventually get all enemies trailing behind you in a circle, and they will all be firing at the same time, especially if you are on hard difficulty.

All of the bullets will be coming at you in a funnel essentially, making it much easier to dodge them. If you can get this maneuvering down, it should help you out.

Love the Dash Maneuver

Beating the second mission will unlock the dash maneuver. With the quick press of a button, your ship will rocket forward quickly in a short burst of speed.

During this maneuver, you are completely invincible, making the dash one of the best tools in your arsenal. The dash can get you out potentially fatal situations, so make sure that you use it and love it!

The dash has a relatively quick cooldown – around like half a second – so do not be afraid to use it liberally. Use it to get through thick waves of bullets, get out of a bad spot, you name it and the dash can get it done!

Choosing the Right Weapon for the Job

Your front guns are your main cannons, so choosing the right one is very important. Each weapon has its own strengths, so make sure to experiment around if you are having trouble with a particular mission.

The War Machine is a great all-around cannon, while the Loose Cannon is a great shotgun that does massive damage up close but drops off very quickly as range increases. The Laser deals low damage but its impressive range means you can snipe targets off from a safe distance.

The point is, each weapon has a use, so knowing what your options are is the key to victory! The Loose Cannon for example will excel against fast opponents, since you do not need to be too accurate, while the War Machine will deal more damage against slow, immobile targets.

Your ship also has alt guns, which are basically auxiliary guns. Unlike the front guns, there are onl three options to choose from: the Incinerator, the Proton Shield, and the Backfire.

The Incinerator will automatically roast things in front of you, which makes it a nice compliment to any short range front guns.

The Proton Shield will automatically deflect bullets for you. It is very helpful and almost required on certain levels if you are playing on hard difficulty.

The Backfire will fire standard shots behind you, making it great for picking off enemies that are tailing you.

If you need to take things down faster, bring either the Incinerator or Backfire with you. If you are taking too much damage, bring the Proton Shield.

Ease off Guns to Regenerate

If you have taken too much damage and you are low on health, ease off your weapons. If you are not firing your guns and you have not taken damage for a while, you will automatically regenerate health.

The regeneration is very slow however, so you have to stay mobile while you repair. If you are hit, the repair process stops so you will have to wait again.

Getting New Planes

As you progress through the story, you will eventually unlock new planes to fly. The first plane you unlock – the Super Sonic – should be purchased right off the bat.

Unlike the guns, some planes are just flat upgrades to other planes. In this case, the Super Sonic is a big improvement over the Red Devil, as it has more speed, handling, and energy. There is no reason not to upgrade to this as soon as it is available.

This is not the case with the later planes though, as they will specialize in certain areas like speed or handling, and so forth. Choose the plane that fits your playstyle the best!

Choosing Side Kicks

The last thing you can equip your loadout with are Sidekicks. Sidekicks are basically mini pilot cats that follow you around in battle. There are six Sidekicks to choose from, and they each have their own unique behaviors.

They can provide offensive and defensive support, so choose a Sidekick based on your playstyle. The starting Sidekick MechaniCat fires a simple machine gun at your targets, so he is a good addition to a powerful loadout.

Taking Down Bosses

On certain levels you will encounter ace K.L.A.W pilots and these guys are packing quite the firepower. Bosses are challenging, so come into the mission with your best firepower and get ready for a battle.

Each boss usually has some kind of specific pattern they will follow as you fight them, and you will need to be on your toes to dodge all of their bullets.

One early example of a tough boss is mission 13’s Bark Meow. This guy will rain small bullets upon you, but eventually he will move to the center of the arena and fire a powerful laser that has insane tracking abilities.

Even with a dash, you will not be able to out run the laser, so the best thing to do is to go towards him and dash through him so that the laser has to rotate around. Stick close to him and keep dashing around so that it does not get a lock on you.

Most bosses will have a particular pattern, and you have to look for the small openings where you can evade their attacks and counterattack with your own guns!

That’s all for Explottens. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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