Long ago, an ancient monument known as the “Time Gate” appeared out of thin air. Brave adventures took the challenge to explore the innards of it, but some did not return. The ones who did found themselves experiences odd senses of deja vu. Realities warped, and destinies became intertwined, and once again the Time Gate has reappeared…

The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate is a dedicated server multiplayer roguelike RPG. You will play as one of the many adventurers who have braved the Time Gate, and you are determined to discover the truth behind it.

The first game drew a lot of attention because of its unique and slick art style, reminiscent of a old stylistic cartoon. That same art style returns, and it does a great job at emphasizing the mystery that shrouds the Time Gate.

Gameplay is also very similar to the first game, but in The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate there are new challenges for players. Because of the nature of the Time Gate, each floor in the dungeon is randomly generated so you never know what enemies you will face. At the end of each floor is a massive boss that must be tackled with all of your might!

And of course, with great dangers lie even greater loot. The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate features over 300+ pieces of unique gear that can power up your hero in many different ways. Stand out among the crowd with your own favorite set!

Will you discover the truth? Or will you fade into the Time Gate? The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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