Experience True Humanity Through Pictures in Narrative Puzzle Game Photographs


Pictures are worth a thousand words, or so they say. A picture can tell the past, present, and even future of one individual, and only by looking closely will you see all of the connecting lines. Photographs takes this phenomenon and creates a gripping narrative out of its puzzling pictures.

It is hard to describe what kind of game Photographs is due to its unique nature, but at its core it is a puzzle adventure game. There are several stories for you to unravel in Photographs, each taking about half an hour to complete.

In each story, you will be presented with a scene with various objects and people of interest. Examining something closely will bring up a little photograph with a mini puzzle for you to complete. These puzzles are not random though, and the tie into the story’s narrative.

With each complete photograph you take, the scenery becomes more and more detailed, eventually revealing the climax of the story, and some of these stories will really get you thinking about humanity. There is something inherently special about the way Photographs delivers its storytelling, thanks to its creative ideas.

Due to its unique nature, Photographs can be completed in a short time, but it is highly recommended to any adventure game fan who lives excellent stories. Photographs is available now on the App Store for 3.99 USD.

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Experience True Humanity Through Pictures in Narrative Puzzle Game Photographs


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