During the old computer years, text adventures were the main form of entertainment due to the lack of processing power the old machines had. We had to use our imaginations to see the full adventure, but for some, nothing beat those experiences.

Now, everyone gets a chance to see what those old adventure games were like! Take a trip back into the past with AI Dungeon, a new text-based adventure game built for mobile. However, to call AI Dungeon just an homage to the past would be massively underselling it.

As the name implies, AI Dungeon is built around an AI that can produce an endless amount of adventures to go on. Any setting or time period is possible with the AI’s power, so anyone can live out their ultimate journey.

In addition to that, AI Dungeon‘s preferred player control is text input, which means that you type in directly what you want to do. All of the interactions within the world are also AI built, which means that you can play through journeys your own way without having to conform to the developer’s ideas.

An endless adventure awaits you! AI Dungeon is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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