Evony Huns Invasion Guide: How to Beat All Stages


There are lots of interesting MMORTS games that you can find and play in the modern game industry and one of the most exciting products of this genre is known as Evony. One of the events that you can play in this game is called Huns Invasion. It seems that some players don’t understand how it works and what you need to do there. So, this guide will tell you about the Huns Invasion in Evony and how to beat all its stages.

What is Huns Invasion in Evony

Huns Invasion in Evony is a special event that you can play in this game. It requires you to cooperate with other users. For this purpose, you can find a few friends or random players. However, your friends are preferable teammates as you always know their armies and what they are able to do.

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When you start to play Huns Invasion you have to choose one of 5 difficulties. The higher the difficulty the better rewards. The fight has 10 rounds that you will have to use to defeat Huns. They will have their own keep and army that will be getting stronger from round to round.

How to Beat Huns Invasion in Evony

There is no ultimate strategy to beat Huns in Evony. You just need to upgrade your armies and try to save your troops for the final push. In order to beat the Huns, you will have to destroy their keep and it is better to spend your men to destroy it rather than lose all your attacking potential to defeat the Huns army.

Evony is a big game and we will be glad if our articles help you to learn more information about it. Good luck in your further battles with Huns!

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Evony Huns Invasion Guide: How to Beat All Stages


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