Evony Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Thriving Kingdom

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The world is yours in Evony, a new strategy base building game where you build your kingdom from the ground up on one of the real world continents. Choose from North America all the way to Japan, and rule the land and watch over your people. Fight wars, make alliances, and govern the people – all for the name of prosperity!

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In Touch Tap Play’s Evony tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of building your kingdom. We will show you how to get lots and lots of resources, and we will also help you progress through the puzzle mode as well. Let’s get started with our Evony cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build a thriving kingdom!

Keep Following the Main Quests

This is perhaps the most important tip we can give to you: follow the main quests! Your main quest is shown by tapping on the quests button at the top left corner of the screen.

The main quests are designed to lead you down the general progression route, so following them will make sure that your kingdom stays up-to-date with the latest unlocks and upgrades.

You will also notice that there is a separate list for side quests. These quests are important as well, but you usually do not need to worry about going out of your way to complete them. Most of them will be automatically completed as you are working towards various main quests.

The most important thing to take away from this is that completing the main quests rewards you with a lot of experience, gold, and resources. You will need lots of these things to progress through the game!

(This Evony guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

Check your Items from Time to Time

Make it a habit of checking your inventory every now and then. Like other building management games, the game loves to flood you with consumable items that grant a variety of helpful boons, such as outright giving you resources, gold, speed ups, and more.

You will get these freebies by completing quests, so if you go a long time after completing a bunch of quests, you will end up with an inventory full of consumable items.

If you are ever short on one specific resource, take a look through your inventory; there is a good chance that you will find a consumable item that will grant you that resource.

Be Liberal with your Speed Ups

Unlike other building management games, the build times in Evony rack up very quickly. You will encounter build times of up to several hours as early as level 10 of a structure.

If you are in a hurry, do not be afraid to use your speed ups. The game practically throws you at them early on as you complete quests and level up. You get a lot of speed ups from the Growth Packages you get at each player level.

Of course, the free handouts start to slow down as your player level gets higher, but that should not deter you from using lots of speed ups. You will still get a lot of them, just not as quickly.

Research at the Academy

One of the most important things to do for your kingdom is to constantly ensure that it is busy and that your main structures are always working. One of the important buildings to watch out for is the Academy.

At the Academy, you can start research projects that will grant your kingdom passive boosts. There are several different kinds of research: advancement, defense, military, medical, and so on. Each category will give you different kinds of helpful boosts.

If you are not sure where to start, begin with the Advancement tree. The research projects in here will speed up resource gathering times and make it easier to amass lots of resources, which in turn makes it easier to start the other research trees.

Conquer the Land Around You

Another aspect of your kingdom to keep busy is your military force. You can send out squads of troops to take over hostile encampments, occupy resource nodes, and more.

There are plenty of enemies to fight in the open world. If you defeat enemies, you will earn the spoils of war, including more resources and helpful items. Fight around and liberate the land!

And, as mentioned earlier, there are various resource nodes that you troops can occupy to boost production of that resource. A farmland, for example, will boost your food production. These are helpful to have, so keep an eye out for them.

Recruit New Generals at the Tavern

New generals will appear at the tavern from time to time. Generals are powerful units that can be set to lead your armies into battle. With a general, the power of your troops is amplified by a lot, so it is important to have enough generals to go around.

Generals come in different strengths, so you will need to “shop” around for the best. The tavern will automatically alert you when new generals have arrived, but they may not always be the best.

You can change the settings around so that the tavern only alerts you when there are special or high rarity generals in. Even with these settings on, you should still check out the tavern from time to time and you may see a general worth recruiting that is not quite the best.

Monarch Talent Points

As you level up, your Monarch will gain stat points and notoriety. He will also get talent points which he can spend on exclusive talent trees.

You can choose from any of the trees you have access to. There are trees at level 2, 6, 10, and 14. To start out with, we highly recommend the “Free Construction” talent at level 2.

This talent increases the threshold in which a building’s remaining time can be completed for free, which makes it faster and easier to expand your kingdom. You will be doing a LOT of building during the early game, so it is wise to pick this talent.

Work on the Mysterious Puzzle While you Wait

In addition to the main kingdom building mode of Evony, the game also features a separate puzzle adventure mode which plays like an entirely different game. You can access this mode by tapping on the “mysterious puzzle” button on the bottom of the kingdom menu.

In the puzzle mode, you will work your way across the continent getting through dangerous dungeons in search of awesome treasure. The treasures you can find include helpful goodies like resources, speed ups, and more, so this mode is well worth your time.

The best time to play this mode is when you are waiting for a long building to finish and you do not want to use any speed ups or you have no more.

Each area of the continent has 20 levels for you to play through. Each level has a puzzle for you to solve: your king must reach the treasure safely, and you must manipulate the platforms and contraptions in the level to make the path clear.

At the start of each level, the king is being held back by a gate. Before you open the gate and set him free, check out the rest of the level and see what traps and hazards must be avoided. Once the king is free, he will start moving forward on his own.

You will have to activate platforms to make a clear path for the king. Tap on them to move them, but beware that they only can be moved once. When you think everything is set right, open the king’s gate and wait to see what happens.

If at any point something goes wrong or you mess up, you can tap on the green cycle button at the top right corner to restart the puzzle. Keep trying – there is some great stuff to find in this mode!

That’s all for Evony! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Evony Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Thriving Kingdom

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