Evony Assistant Generals Combos Guide: Best Pairings and Combos


There is a huge amount of free-to-play strategy games that you can find in the game industry and one of the most popular ones is called Evony. There you can train your army and choose one of a few generals to lead it. One of the latest updates added a new feature called Assistant Generals and today we are going to talk about it. This guide will tell you about Assistant Generals in Evony, and the best pairings and combos with them.

Who are Assistant Generals in Evony?

Generals in Evony are special characters that are able to lead your armies. They provide your units with special buffs and if you want to make your army stronger you will have to choose the correct general.

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There are two different positions that you can choose for your generals. The first one is the Main General and it allows your character to lead your army. The second position is the Assistant General and it can be chosen only in certain game modes or for certain activities. These game modes are:

  • Common Monster Attack
  • Boss Monster Attack
  • Event Monster Attack
  • PvP Attacks
  • Rallies
  • Wall Defense
  • Relics
  • Gathering
  • Reinforcing

The Best Assistant General Combos

There are lots of different combinations that you can create with your Main Generals and Assistant Generals. However, not all of them work well and you should learn some good combos.

Combination typeMain GeneralAssistant General
GatheringQueen JindeokShimazu Yoshiro, Princess Lucy, Gaius Marius
Wall DefenseAny Ranged, Ground, Mounted, or Siege GeneralTrajan, Elise, Leonidas
Monster HuntersHannibal, Aethelflaed,Nathanael Greene, Baibars, Cleopatra, Caesar, Spartacus, Theodora, Aetheflaed, Seleucus, Sanada Yukimura, Hernando Cortes, Raged King, El Cid, Prince Rhaegar, Carus, Napoleon

There are also lots of great PvP combinations that consist of almost all PvP-orientated generals. So, you should figure out the best combination for your army. Also, there are good free-to-play combos with Martinus, Roland, and Hannibal.

The Assistant General feature is complex and we will be glad if our guide helps you to understand it. Good luck in your further battles in Evony!

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Evony Assistant Generals Combos Guide: Best Pairings and Combos


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