Evil Defenders is a fun and frantic tower defense game with a twist; you’re not playing the good guys here! Take control of goblins, skeletons, orcs and other ghoulish fiends in order to protect the Lands of Evil from the peasants and the forces of good. As you know though, the good guys are usually heavily armed, so we’re here with a Evil Defenders cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide that should help you conquer those goody two shoes once and for all.

Round up your troops because it’s time to defend the Lands of Evil from the good guys with help from this Evil Defenders cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide.

Utilize the landmarks to your advantage!

All of the levels have some kind of “landmark” feature that you can use to your advantage. For example, on the first stage “River Pass,” there’s a… well, a river in the middle of the stage. The peasants are forced to wade through the water, and they are slowed down a bit when they’re doing so. Build your towers strategically around these choke points to maximize your tower damage efficiency. This is something that’s taught during the tutorial, but it’s very important so I feel reiteration won’t hurt! Following another example, you are told to build an old crypt right at the river’s exit. This is very effective because skeletons come out of the crypt so the enemy peasants are forced to engage the skeletons, all the while being bombarded by whatever tower you have built in the middle of the tower. Do note that some landmarks require manual activation, such as the posion bubble in Darkwood. They cost gold to activate them, so be sure to use them wisely. All in all, use the geography to your advantage!

Don’t try to tackle the harder difficulties when you’re first starting out!

Evil Defenders gives you the option of replaying a level on a harder difficulty setting in order to gain new stars. The enemies have higher health and movement speed, and new ones will even be introduced. For each difficulty level you can gain up to three stars. The more stars you have, the more upgrade options you can unlock for your towers. It’s going to be tempting to replay the levels for more stars, but you should hold off for a while until you gain access to more towers and upgrades. I tried to replay River Pass – the first level – again on the next difficulty, and it introduced the armored peasants, whom completely decimated me! Instead of trying to completely clear out a level, move on and do all the levels you can on the easiest difficulty.

Know your enemy resistances!

There are two types of damage your towers can do: physical and magical. Check the library to see which is more effective against the enemies you’re going up against. Note that whenever a new enemy is introduced during the levels, a little exclamation mark will pop up at the top right of the screen. Tap it to check the enemy’s info. Below their health, you’ll see either a red shield or a blue shield and the words none, low, average, or high. The red shield is physical resistance and the blue shield is magic resistance, and the word represents its corresponding amount of resistance. For example, the Mage enemy has high magic resistance, so you should use physical damage towers.

Position slow but powerful towers near disabling towers!

Going off of the crypt and cannon tower combo you do in the first level, the game makes it clear that it is very important to always position your towers correctly. In Darkwood, you gain access to the Apprentice tower that does a severe amount of magic damage, but has a cripplingly low attack speed. To offset this you also gain access to the Sleeping Lizard tower, which slows nearby enemies down. This is a very effective combo so always think about your tower positioning!

Use your abilities when the going gets tough!

Don’t forget about your abilities! The lighting strike is really good when enemies are grouped up in one spot. Teleport is my favorite because it sends enemies in a small area back a couple of paces. It’s very good for putting enemies through your killzones a second time. It also has a really short cooldown period! MacHellman is pretty much a get-out-of-jail-free card. He does good damage to enemies but the real strength of him is that he is invincible, and he’s considered a friendly unit. That means that enemies will still target him like he is a skeleton but they’ll never win a fight with him. He’s very useful for distracting enemies!

Specialize for the right job!

Each tower has three different specializations that have distinct attributes. For example, one of the Crossbow Goblin tower options is the Sniper Goblin, which has an impressively long range and high damage but very slow attack speed. If there’s any spots near the middle of the map, you would probably want to put the sniper tower there in order for it to reach across almost the whole map. Try to figure out what tower would work the best in the level you’re playing.

Take care, because Evil Defenders is slightly more challenging than your typical tower defense game, so I hope this guide helps you! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below, otherwise, defend the Lands of Evil!

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