Everything We Know About Valorant Patch 4.09 Including Updates to Agents


Valorant is a very popular multiplayer shooter. Players fight in five-versus-five battles on various maps. Moreover, the game has different characters with unique abilities and a wide variety of weapons. The developers regularly update the game by adding new features and fixing bugs. And in this guide, we will tell you about Patch 4.09.

Everything We Know About Valorant Patch 4.09

Patch 4.09 will fix some annoying bugs and also nerf some agents. Let’s start with the bugs:

  • Players should now be able to use Jett’s Tailwind without problems after curving a Cloudburst smoke.
  • The developers fixed a bug with Jett’s ultimate indicator when it was active after he fired all of his kunai.
  • Fixed a bug with re-activating the “Use” function after activating Sova’s Owl Drone or Skye’s Trailblazer abilities.
  • Developers also added the Party Lead Transfer feature, which allows you to transfer the role of leader to another player.

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Now let’s talk about agents. Chamber has always been a very strong agent. So, for balance in the game, the developers nerfed his abilities:

  • Trademark costs increased from 150 to 200.
  • Trademark charges reduced to 1.
  • The volume of the ability has been increased.

Although Fade has only recently appeared in the game, this agent already needs to be fixed because of the visual effect’s problem. When Fade uses her Nightfall and Seize abilities, it becomes difficult for players to figure out what is happening on the screen. Therefore, in Patch 4.09, these abilities have been fixed for a more comfortable game.

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Everything We Know About Valorant Patch 4.09 Including Updates to Agents


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