Everything New in BTD6 Update 32: BTD6 July 2022 Update Patch Notes

BTD6 Update 32

BTD6 July 2022 update named “Update 32” is going to bring some massive changes to the game in all forms. We are getting new features, skins, items, and other things while getting a ton of bug fixes, and other similar things that will improve the BTD6 experience as a whole. Players are hyped for the upcoming update and in the wake of that, they want to see BTD6 July 2022 update patch notes to learn about everything new in BTD6 Update 32.

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Seeing that, we prepared a handy guide that shares a quick detail on BTD6 Update 32 while sharing the original patch notes with complete details. 

BTD6 July 2022 Update Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for the BTD6 July 2022 update: –

Everything New in BTD6 Update 32

BTD6 Update 32 will add key new features such as a new event system called Contested Territories, player-selected Teams feature, new skins, new Paragon Tower, new Achievements, Trophy Store items, and a myriad of other things. 

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Below! You will find the official patch notes for BTD6 Update 32. (Disclaimer – We haven’t made any changes to the Patch Notes)

Key New Features

  • Massive new Event system – Contested Territories!
    • We set out to make this big, inspired by Bloons Monkey City’s instanced six player, single challenge framework but pushing it to be truly next level for BTD6. Big was an understatement – we’ve made a whole new game inside the game!
    • Now with 90 players per instance across six player-selected Teams (see below), Contested Territories combines a massive map of 150+ unique PvE challenge-based tiles with the PvP competition of vying for the best score
    • With a range of difficulties that increase across Regular, Relic, and Banner tiles, the intent is to allow all player levels and styles to participate. Less experienced players can concentrate on Regular tiles, while more competitive players can duke it out over Relic and Banner tiles. Regular tiles give balanced rewards, Relic tiles give more Team Trophies and Relic Knowledge, and Banner tiles give the most points for the competitive leaderboards.
    • More details available on our preview reddit post.
  • We’ve spent extra time polishing and balancing this, so thank you for your patience! As always: feedback welcome on Reddit and Discord.
  • All new player-selected Teams feature!
    • To support Contested Territories and other future features, we’ve added a guilds/clans system called Teams
    • Up to 15 players can join together, manage membership, set tactical targets, unlock CT-specific boosts, and unlock a range of cosmetic items to customize your Team
    • Closely linked with the Friends system to make it easier to invite or join up with in-game Friends
    • Earn Team Trophies from Contested Territory to spice up your Player Teams with cosmetics including Team Banners, Icons & Frames to decorate your team page plus all sorts of 3D items to customize your Team Base Tile.

New Awesome

  • New Paragon tower, the Engineer Master Builder
  • New Intermediate Map, Quarry
  • New Hero Skin, Voidora
  • New Contested Territory Achievements
    • Conquested Territory | Capture 5 tiles off other players
    • Stage of Empires | Capture 50 tiles
    • Territory Sampler | Capture 1 of each: Boss, Time Attack, Least Tiers and Least Cash tiles
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Mountain Obyn – Balfrog Pet
    • Monkeys: Monkey Village – Pride Flag
    • Co-op: Rainbow fullscreen emote, Need More! emote
    • Game & UI: Avatar 61 – Dart monkey, Avatar 62 – Geraldo, Music Track – Tribes Jaloon Mix
  • Competition winner items
    • Banner winner by LordTeddington (OG btd style)
    • Banner winner by tricky999tricky (Druid)

Big Changes / Additions

  • Added a total owned Hero/Skin Counter to the new Hero Screen as well as a total count to the Achievements Screen for all the collectionists
  • Big behind the scenes refactoring to Monkey Knowledge to improve load time & memory, this includes a number of bug fixes and resolutions to some minor quirks in functionality. Current enabled Monkey Knowledge for a save game will now be locked upon creation of that game
  • Behind the scenes refactoring to Hero Skin Data to improve load time & memory
  • Changes to Boss auto-play behavior, if a Boss or its spawn are on screen the game & next round always starts immediately. If a Boss is not on screen then the game does not start automatically, play button is shown, & if you have auto-start toggled off then the game will stop between rounds.
  • Added a new checkpoint at round 20 for boss events
  • Restart functionality added to the pause menu in Race modes

If you want to learn about the Bug Fixes and other such changes that will come to BTD6 with Update 32, check out the full patch notes here

Bloons TD 6 is currently available on iOS, Android, PC, and macOS platforms.

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Everything New in BTD6 Update 32: BTD6 July 2022 Update Patch Notes


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