Everything New Added in The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion


Sims 4 has announced a new exciting update to the base game, and a new expansion pack! The new pack and update launches on March 16th on all available platforms but will be previewed by the developers in a livestream on March 3rd on Twitch and YouTube. If this is not exciting enough, it has also been announced that players who purchase the Growing Together expansion pack between February 2nd to April 27th will also receive bonus digital content! Find out more below about everything new added in The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion.

All You Need to Know About The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack

Players who purchase the new expansion pack between February 3rd and April 27th 2023 will also receive bonus content including the Outdoor Playtime Digital Content containing Infant Carrier, Swing Set, and Toddler Slide. Perfect to keep that growing family entertained.

The Sims 4 Growing Together (via EA Games)

According to The Sims developers in their recent blog post, the Growing Together pack will give players a more varied and fun experience when nurturing a family in The Sims 4. The blog post covers a lot of information, so head over there if you have the time to dive in deep to what is on offer. Meanwhile, we have an overview of what you can expect:

More Intricate Family Dynamics

  • Extra content for all age groups including Elders as Grandparents, more Toddler Sim Quirks, extra Aspirations for Child Sims, and more.
  • Fun and exciting new items to purchase for your Sims such as Treehouse, Sleeping Bags, Friendships Bracelets, and more.
  • The ability to take Infants out and about with your Sim is made possible with Infant Carriers!
  • Milestones that will affect the Sim’s growth and experiences, these will be particularly impactful on Infants and Toddlers.
  • Detailed family dynamics that will lead to more meaningful relationships between family members.
  • Sims can experience Slumber Parties, Baby Showers, and the excitement of losing their baby teeth!

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Babies! Babies! Babies!

Infants are having a makeover in this new update, and are coming to the base game! Players will be able to create and mod the cute little Sims in CAS just as they can with adult and teen Sims. There will be a range of cosmetics available to customise the Infant as you please including clothing, accessories, and hair. Newborns can be aged up to Infants who in turn will be aged up to Toddlers. These little bundles of joy will also have more interactive features like diaper changing, naps, and the ability to express their needs and emotions.

The Sims 4 Growing Together (via EA Games)

Brand New World to Explore

San Sequoia is a new coastal region to explore with your Sim family, with something for everyone to be found along the ocean bay. This area is perfect for outdoorsy types, with plenty of space to explore and to hold family gatherings. Perhaps you could move your family into one of the neighbourhoods: Anchorpoint Wharf, Gilbert Gardens, or Hopewell Hills.

San Sequoia has a playpark for the children, park areas for the public to ride a bike or go jogging, a movie theatre, and a water park! After all that excitement there is also a place to grab a bite to eat at the local eateries.

There seems to be something for everyone with this new update and expansion pack, whether you are looking for more varied gameplay, extra family interactions, or new places to explore. The Sims 4 Growing Together is available to purchase and download on PC, Mac, Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. Find out more about The Sims 4 in our Sims 4 section.

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Everything New Added in The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion


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