Every new Hisuian Pokemon and Regional Variant Revealed In Pokemon Legends: Arceus so Far!


We have been stuck with Generation 8 for nearly 2 years at this point, and everybody including The Pokemon Company themselves knows that the fans need some new content; especially new Pokemon!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus showcases an adventure set in a historic Sinnoh region, back when it was called the Hisui region. Pokeballs, Pokemon trainers, gyms, and so much more of the Pokemon world that we know and love today did not exist, which is going to make for an interesting story and gameplay for sure.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus drops January 2022 on the Nintendo Switch, and below are all of the confirmed new Pokemon and Hisuian variants debuting in the game.

New Pokemon


Type: Water/Ghost

Basculegion evolves from Basculin, which — according to Pokemon lore — only happens when it is “possessed by the souls of other Basculin from its school in Hisui that could not withstand the harsh journey upstream.” Basculegion is a Hisui-exclusive evolution of Basculin.


Type: Normal/Psychic

Wyrdeer, like Basculegion, is a Hisui-exclusive evolution; this time, of Stantler! Basculegion is admired and respected by the people of Hisui for its intellectual prowess and its ability to unleash psychic energy from the black orbs in its antlers.


Type: Bug/Rock

Scyther found in the Hisui region can evolve into a new pokemon called Kleavor. This gigantic, threatening creature uses its arms like cleavers and thrashes through anything in its path.

New Hisuian Variants

Hisuian Braviary

Type: Psychic/Flying

Rufflet in the Hisui region evolves into this region-specific form of Braviary, which is part psychic. It has mastered its mental capabilities and attacks foes with strong psychic shock waves.

Hisuian Growlithe

Type: Fire/Rock

This regional variant of Growlithe is different in both nature, and physicality as compared to the Kantonian Growlithe. Hisuian Growlithe possesses thicker fur and a rocky head that they use to their advantage in battle.

Hisuian Zorua & Hisuian Zoroark

Type: Normal/Ghost

The Hisuian variants of the Zorua line both possess white and gray fur with red tails. They have deep, amber-colored eyes and a haunting disposition.

Hisuian Zorua seems more adorable and calm in nature, while Hisuian Zoroark stands menacing and creepy. According to Pokemon lore, Zorua migrated to Hisui after humans drove it out of other lands, but due to being unable to withstand the harsh cold weather in Hisui, it turned into a ghost pokemon.

And that has been every new Pokemon and regional variant revealed in Pokemon Legends: Arceus so far. Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Every new Hisuian Pokemon and Regional Variant Revealed In Pokemon Legends: Arceus so Far!


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