Every Item in Mario Party Superstars Explained

Mario Party Superstars

Any Mario game wouldn’t have the right to be one without a selection of items that can be used during the game to gain a sound advantage, and Mario Party Superstars is no different in this regard, as it comes with many of the items that appeared in other entries in the series.

Here’s what each item in the game does.

Every Item in Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars features 16 different items which grant different effects. You can use items at the start of your turn, but you can only use one per turn, so think carefully about your current situation and choose accordingly.

Boo BellLets you steal coins or stars from any opponent. Stealing a star costs 50 coins.
Chomp CallLets you move the star’s current location.
Cursed DiceLets yo curse the dice so that you, or an opponent, can only roll a 1, 2, or 3.
Custom Dice BlockLets you decide how much you want to move on your turn.
Double DiceLets you roll two dice on your turn.
Double Star CardLets you get two stars when you purchase one.
Dueling GloveLets you duel any opponent.
Golden PipeTeleports you near a star.
Hidden Block CardSpawns a Hidden Block.
Item BagGrants you a random item upon use.
MushroomAdds five extra spaces to your next roll.
Plunder ChestLets you steal an item from any opponent.
Skeleton KeyUnlocks gates on the board.
Super Warp BlockLets you switch places with any opponent.
Triple DiceLets you roll three dice.
Warp BlockLets you switch places with a random opponent.

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Every Item in Mario Party Superstars Explained


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