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Every God Of Weapons Steam Achievement and How to Get Them

Every God Of Weapons Steam Achievement and How to Get Them
Image via Archmage Games
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Climb the tower of Zhor to save the world from being shrouded in darkness in God Of Weapons, an action roguelike game. If you’re looking to fully complete the game, here’s a list of every Steam achievement for God Of Weapons and how to get them.

How to Get Every Steam Achievement for God Of Weapons

God Of Weapons is a fast-paced roguelike with a Tetris-style inventory system and tons of weapons to use. The game has a whopping 95 Steam achievements for hardcore players to work towards, so if you’re a completionist, you’ll have plenty to do here.

Like other roguelike games, God Of Weapons has an in-game achievement list that unlocks new items for you, and it also syncs up with the Steam achievements.

To help you keep track of achievements, we’ll be categorizing them by general unlock conditions. For example, we’ll have one section dedicated to stat-based achievements, another for character-exclusive achievements, and so forth. Let’s get started!

Stat Achievements

These achievements are centered around reaching a certain stat threshold. There’s an achievement for almost all the stats.

AchievementHow to Get
BloatedGet 25 vitality and magic power.
Deadly DanceGet 65% crit chance.
Frenzied FlourishGet +85% attack speed.
Eagle EyesGet 50 range.
GhostedGet 60 dodge.
GlacialGet -50 speed. Use either Juggernaut or Golem.
Healthy DietGet 60 vitality.
Knight SpeedGet 50 move speed.
It won’t run outGet 50 luck.
Master of the ArcaneGet 50 magic power. Easy with Mage.
ParasiticGet 60% lifesteal.
UnstoppableGet 60 armor.

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Class Exclusive Achievements

Image via Archmage Games

These achievements focus on fulfilling specific objectives while playing as certain classes.

AchievementHow to Get
Power ManifestAs Vile, get 50 vitality and magic power.
Sword and SorceryAs Eldritch Knight, get 25 magic and melee power.
Fire and ArmsAs Ranger, get 25 projectile and melee power.
Sorcery and SwordAs Spellblade, own 5 melee and 5 enchanted weapons.
LoyaltyAs Singularist, don’t buy any weapons for the first 5 floors.
HaulAs Thief, own 20 items or more.
MoreAs Soul Drinker, overheal 200 times.
Late Night CrunchAs Adept, level up 20 times in a single run.
PreparedAs Scholar, increase your inventory limit to 80 slots.
Stand FirmAs Sentinel, defeat 1,000 enemies without moving.
Fresh MeatAs Butcher, get 100 vitality.
Can’t be BargainedAs Golem, get 100 armor.
RotAs Shaman, inflict fire, shock, and slow on the first boss.
Kingly LuxuryAs King, get 50 resource gain.
RichesAs Merchant, spend 3,000 gold on a single floor. Re-rolls count towards this!
RagsAs Beggar, buy 10 items on a single floor.
I’m a healer, but…As Priestess, defeat 1,000 enemies with the Blessed Mace.
ImmaculateAs Inquisitor, complete 5 floors without taking a single point of damage. Shields and the Cross Wand help out a lot here.
Harvest SeasonAs Fieldkeeper, get 100 range.
All Foes Must DieAs Assassin, defeat 10 elite enemies. There are several items that guarantee elites to spawn on the next floor, such as the Dragonblood Elixir and the Bloody Teeth.
Moon in the PoolAs Scout, passively dodge 100 attacks.
Divine InterventionAs Crusader, block 1,000 damage with a shield.
Heaven Wills ItAs Crusader, complete 5 floors with no weapons in a single run. Shields are OK to use.
Stick ’em with the pointy endAs Blade Master, complete a run using only bladed weapons. Look for the blade tag on weapons if you’re unsure.
SkewerAs Sharpshooter, get 3 pierce. The Masterwork Arrowhead needs to be unlocked for this achievement to be possible.
Master-at-armsAs Weapon Master, max out 2 weapon set bonuses.
Thrill of the FightAs Berserker, complete 10 floors with half your max health remaining in a single run.
Loaded DiceAs Duelist, get 100% crit chance.

Item and Gold Achievements

Image via Archmage Games

These achievements focus on item-related objectives, like having a certain amount of items in your inventory. There are also some that deal with the amount of gold you have.

AchievementHow to Get
Bulging BackpackIncrease your inventory size to 80 slots. More slots are gained every time you level up.
PaydayHave 30 items in your inventory.
Bootstrap came offEnter a new floor with less than 10 gold in your pockets 10 times.
Generational WealthHave 3,000 gold.
The Grand ArsenalEquip 10 different weapons.
Concerto of ArmsEquip 12 weapons of the same type. This is easier to do with smaller weapon types.
Bountiful HarvestOwn 6 Crimson Scythes. Fieldkeeper starts with one.
EdgyComplete a run with only daggers. You can use other weapon types throughout the run, just make sure to only have daggers by the time you finish. Shields count as weapons.
Rod of Lordly MightComplete a run with only staves. The tips for the “Edgy” achievement apply here as well.
Less is MoreWin a run with 6 or fewer weapons.
Two MoreOwn 3 tier 4 flails. The Arcane Anvil must be unlocked in order to upgrade weapons.
Spoils of ConquestComplete a run with only tier 4 weapons.

Run Completion Achievements

These achievements focus on completing a run all the way through, usually under certain conditions.

AchievementHow to Get
AscentReach floor 16.
First StepWin a run on difficulty 1.
Ascent. AgainWin a run on difficulty 2.
Last StretchWin a run on difficulty 3.
MonarchWin a run on difficulty 4.
Fun and GamesWin a run on difficulty 5.
The Weapon MasterWin a run using the aspect Weapon Master of the Knight.
The RangerWin a run using aspect Ranger of the Hunter.
The SpellbladeWin a run using aspect Spellblade of the Wizard.
The AssassinWin a run using aspect Assassin of the Raven.
Blade in the DarkWin a run using all Rogue aspects.
Built to LastWin a run using all Juggernaut aspects.
Secret of SwordsWin a run using all Knight aspects.
Prometheus’ SecretWin a run using all Wizard aspects.
Old FriendWin a run using all Lancer aspects.
Divine ProvidenceWin a run using all Priestess aspects.
The AscentDefeat the last boss of a run on difficulty 1.
BlessedDefeat Zhor, the Overlord, on difficulty 2.
Pain is PowerWin a run with 0 or fewer armor. You don’t have to go through the whole run with 0 armor, as you can purposely decrease your armor right before you fight the last boss.
RecoverlessWin a run with 0 or fewer recovery. The tips for “Pain is Power” also apply here.
HolierWin a run with 0 or fewer lifesteal. The tips for “Pain is Power” also apply here.

Miscellaneous Achievements

These are general achievements that can be done at any point, and don’t pertain to any of the other categories.

AchievementHow to Get
Starting FundDie for the first time. Welcome to God Of Weapons!
Slayer IDefeat 500 enemies in total.
Slayer IIDefeat 2,500 enemies in total.
Slayer IIIDefeat 15,000 enemies in total.
Exorcism IDefeat 3 elite enemies.
DreadDefeat 20 elite enemies.
DemonslayerDefeat a succubus elite enemy.
Unstoppable RageDeal 300,000 melee damage in a single run. Overkill damage counts.
The Bolt’s MasteryDeal 500,000 ranged damage in total.
Voodoo and HoodooInflict elemental effects 1,000 times in a single run. These include fire, lighting, and ice effects.
Things I didn’t even tryDefeat 5,000 enemies using elemental effects. Fire is best for this.
Royal PrivilegeLifesteal 1,000 times.
More Powder!Break 60 barrels.
Barrel BasherBreak 100 barrels.
Divine ProtectionComplete a floor without taking damage 50 times in total.
AutoplayComplete a floor without moving.
Glacial AdvancedComplete 25 floors without dashing in total.
CupidDefeat 5 enemies with a single ranged attack. Use the ranged weapons with piercing, like the Crossvolver.
IronskinTake 1,000 damage in a single run.
I’ll be backHeal 100 HP on a single floor. Lifesteal can help with this.
Much to LearnComplete 5 floors without leveling up. Do this early on in a run for an easier time.
Eternal StudentLevel up 5 times on a single floor.

We’ve finally made it to the end! That’s all 95 Steam achievements for God Of Weapons and how to get them. We hope this guide helps you achievement hunters out there, and if you have any other tips for getting certain achievements, let us know in the comments below!

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Every God Of Weapons Steam Achievement and How to Get Them