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How to Unlock Every Trophy and Achievement in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

How to Unlock Every Trophy and Achievement in Dragon Ball: The Breakers
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Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits seven ordinary humans against the overwhelmingly powerful villains from the Dragon Ball universe. If you’re looking to fully complete the game, here’s how to unlock every trophy and achievement in Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Unlocking all Trophies/Achievements in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

There are a total of 42 achievements for Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Some achievements can only be unlocked while playing as either Survivors or Raiders, so you’ll need to get familiar with both play styles. We’ve sorted the achievement list by mode, so feel free to jump around.

Survivor Achievements

Image via Bandai Namco
AcheivementHow to Unlock
My First SkillUse any active skill as a Survivor for the first time.
Training to SurviveLevel up any Survivor skill to level 20.
You’re a Lot Braver Than MeReach Survivor level 30.
Hey, You’re Pretty Good at This!Finish 50 matches as a Survivor.
Am I a Genius or What?Find two Super Time Machine keys in a single match. Use the Key Radar to make this easier.
Puttin’ in the WorkInsert two keys into the Super Time Machine in a single match.
A Real Time Machine!Successfully start up the Super Time Machine.
Thanks a Bunch!Rescue five civilians in a single match.
A-Time-Travelin’ We Will GoEscape in the Time Machine with three or more allies. The Time Machine spawns when the Raider destroys the Super Time Machine, or if there are only three Survivors remaining.
Life Is a Precious GiftGet dangerously close to the Raider and escape without getting downed three times in a single match. Watch for the red outline on your screen to know that you’re close enough.
You Ready for Me?Reach Dragon Change level 3 by collecting enough Change Power. You can break objects scattered about to collect more Change Power.
You’re Going Down!Deal the final blow to a Raider during Ultimate Dragon Change. You need to find all the Dragon Balls in order to activate Ultimate Dragon Change. Make sure to work together with your team, because even in this form you can still lose to the Raider.
I’ve Had My Fill of Bad Futures!Use Dragon Change to interrupt a Raider finishing off an ally.
Wanna Run Away? Now’s Your Chance!Attack the Raider while they’re attacking the Super Time Machine startup system, whose level is higher than your Dragon Change level. It’s easiest to just get to Dragon Change level 1, then wait for the Raider to start destroying the system.
Miraculous Special Ultra Super Megaton PUNCHWithout any Dragon Change, attack the Raider while they’re destroying the Super Time Machine startup system.
Here’s a Senzu Bean!Revive three downed allies in a single match.
Check This Out!Send an item signal to your team.
Y-You Got It!Respond to an ally’s signal by using the “Copy That” command while you’re near the signal.
Find the Power Keys!Open five red boxes in a single match.
What Are You Buyin’?Buy six items from vending machines in a single match.
Invaluable FriendsStart up the Super Time Machine with all Survivors alive.

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Raider Achievements

Image via Bandai Namco
AchievementHow to Unlock
You Mad?Destroy the Super Time Machine once it has spawned.
I Will Rid This Place of Every One of You!Destroy the Time Machine once it has spawned. The Time Machine only spawns if the Super Time Machine is destroyed or there are three Survivors left alive.
So Many People, So Little Time…Finish off five civilians in a single match.
It’s Time to Create Perfection!Finish off four Survivors in a single match. You must use your finishing attack—it doesn’t count if the Survivor bleeds out.
Really Really… HATE YOU!Finish off a survivor with a special finisher. You can use special finishers on Survivors you have downed twice.
Did You Think I’d Let You Get Away?Destroy an area and down at least two Survivors.
OMG! He Said the Thing!Use any voice line as a Raider.
Care to Help Me Warm Up?Reach your Raider’s final form during a single match. Survivor finishes and civilian kills help speed this up.
Killed all Earthlings!Finish off every Survivor in a single match and win the game.
I Guess I’m Too Strong for YouReach Raider level 30.
The Day Has Finally Come…Finish 50 matches in total as a Raider.

Miscellaneous Achievements

AchievementHow to Unlock
Time for a Makeover!Customize your apperance for the first time.
First-Time CustomerBuy any item from the shop.
Lend Me Your Strength!Summon from any banner at the Spirit Siphon.
Heya!Use any emote for the first time.
This Is for You!Use any stamp for the first time.
We’ll Survive If We Work Together!Complete the prologue, don’t skip it!
Come Forth, Shenron!Summon Shenron by collecting all seven Dragon Balls. You can do this as either a Survivor or Raider. Break open item boxes and try to find a Dragon Radar to help you out.
Hey, That Was Pretty Cool!While a Raider or Survivor is attacking, hit them with a vanish move.
The Breaking PointAutomatically unlocks once you get all other achievements.

We hope this guide helps you unlock every achievement in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. If you have tips for specific achievements, let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out the rest of our Dragon Ball coverage.

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How to Unlock Every Trophy and Achievement in Dragon Ball: The Breakers