Eversoul Choice Summon – The Best Picks

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If you love anime, gacha, and idle games, then Eversoul is the right game for you. Just like any gacha game, your progress will be dependent on your luck or how much you’re willing to spend on it, but the good news is that Eversoul has a re-roll feature that you can use to get the best souls in the game without spending a dime. 

If you’re wondering who to aim for, here’s our compilation of the best picks for Eversoul Choice Summon.

The best selective summons in Eversoul – Beginner’s Guide


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Once you’ve played through the tutorial, you’ll unlock the choice summon. It gives you a chance to get one non-angel/non-demon epic soul, which means you can’t get Adrianne or Ayame on your choice summon. Given that you’ll only get one soul out of this, you better be sure who to get. With that in mind, we strongly recommend everyone to get Jade for your choice summon.

Jade fits well in any team composition because her ability increases your allies’ skill activation rate by 50%. So regardless of whoever you get for your next rolls, Jade will still be a good soul to pair them with. 


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If you’re the type of player who wants to get DPS first before the supports, then Miriam might be a good pick for you. Miriam is all about dealing damage if you look at her skills. Her ability deals damage in a straight line and gives her two stacks of magic bullets that she can use to deal additional damage. However, please note that Miriam is relatively squishy on her own, so you have to put in additional support souls for her to work better.

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The main reason Seeha is on our list is that the game is generous enough to give everyone who pre-registers a copy of Mica. Mica is one of the best DPS in the game, but she’s only effective when you have Seeha due to her squishiness, and Seeha will be there to heal everyone. So if you want to use the combo, you’d want to roll for Seeha.


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If ever you don’t want to use Mica and just want to use a low-maintenance character, then Clara is good for you. Clara is one of the best support/healers in the game. Her AOE healing and recovery skills earn her a spot on this list. Clara is a good soul, especially if you’re a F2P player, because you don’t need to max upgrade her to make her suitable for your composition.


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Nini is considered one of the game’s best control souls. Her abilities not only deal damage to opponents but also inflicts debuffs. Her ultimate skill silences all of her enemies, disrupting their skills, and she also inflicts burn and cold conditions. However, Nini requires a good level and upgrades to maximize her use, so you might spend a little if you want to pick her for your choice summon.

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Eversoul Choice Summon – The Best Picks


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