Evermerge: How to get more wands | Tips and Cheats


Wands are a crucial tool in Evermerge, the game where you can create a magical kingdom simply by merging two of the same items together. Wands grant you a special mana that lets you uncover more of the map, making it very important. In today’s Evermerge guide, we’ll go over how to maximize your wand usage and get more of them.

Wand Basics

Completing a character’s order will reward you with a couple of wands. Basic orders usually only reward a few, but the harder to make recipes net you a bunch of wands. Any kind of wand can be tapped on to turn it into mana, which lets you unlock new parts of the island covered by fog.

But, just like almost everything else in the game, wands can be merged to increase the amount of mana you get from them.

Level 1 Wand: 5 mana

Level 2 Wand: 15 mana

Level 2 wand

Level 3 Wand: 45 mana

Level 3 wand

Level 4 Wand: 135 mana

Level 4 wand

Level 5 Wand: 405 mana

Level 5 wand

Level 6 Wand: 1215 mana

Level 6 wand

Always Merge Wands

If you have five or more of any item, you can merge them together to create a bonus item. The more items you have, the more bonus items you’ll receive. All of this applies to wands as well, and thus you should always merge wands.

If you can help it, never use the level 1 wands on their own. Save them to create the higher level wands, but use them if you need to unlock a new area right away.

While the bonus seems insignificant early on, it becomes very important later in the game when it takes a ton of mana to unlock new areas.

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Choose your Orders Carefully

Early on you can get by with doing whatever orders are the easiest just to get those extra level 1 wands. You’ll need to be a little more careful later on as you can easily drive yourself into a wall if you blindly accept any order you see.

One strategy we like is to use is to choose the order that gets us the strongest wand possible while using the least amount of ingredients. The late game ingredients can take a long time to harvest, and this usually balances out progression and having to wait for your ingredients to refresh.

If you’ve got a ton of cheap ingredients to complete the lower level orders, then go ahead and do those as long as they don’t dig into your more precious resources.

As long as you balance out your orders carefully, you should be able to get by the later walls in the game with just enough wands. If you have any other tips for earning and making efficient use of your wands, let us know in the comments below!

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Evermerge: How to get more wands | Tips and Cheats


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