Eternity Warriors returns with the newest game in the series, Eternity Warriors 4! Eternity Warriors is a Diablo-like dungeon crawler that has you hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies. Collect glorious loot, master devastating skills, and challenge other players in this intense action RPG. We’ve got lots of dungeons to get through so lets get started with our Eternity Warriors 4 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use your launcher skill often!

One of your starting skills launches enemies high into the sky. You want to use this as often as possible as enemies are completely defenseless when they’re soaring through the air, leaving them vulnerable to awesome air combos. The launcher skills usually have short cooldowns so use them liberally!

2. Enchant your equipment!

For a tiny bit of gold, you can permanently upgrade each slot of equipment for your character. The game doesn’t explain the system very well but they’re essentially like passive upgrades. The first couple of levels only require gold, so upgrade them as far as they can go. The bonuses will add up over time and your character will become quite strong!

3. Collect your free offerings!

Every day, you get three free offerings for the God of Iron. The God of Iron will randomly give you either a uncommon, rare, or epic item. If you offer to him enough times you will automatically gain a free gift. Be sure to use your free offerings before the day ends! The God of Gold requires gems, the premium currency of this game so you won’t be using it too much.

4. Need items? Use auto battle!

Auto battle must be unlocked for each stage you want to use it on. In order to unlock it, you must get either an A or S rank on the level, which is done by completing the level under certain conditions. There are four conditions.

  • Complete the level normally.
  • Complete the level under a certain time limit. The time limit varies from level to level.
  • Complete the level without taking a certain amount of damage. This also varies.
  • Complete the level solo.

Fulfilling at least three of these conditions will get you an A rank, and all four an S rank. Auto battle is very useful for farming certain items that only drop on specific stages.

5. Sell your items!

If you’re hurting for some extra gold, try selling your old equipment. Don’t sell materials though, you’ll need them later down the line. Also, once you’re high enough level, you can choose to break down equipment for upgrade materials. You miss out on the gold but you can get some rare materials back.

6. Keep your skills upgraded!

The bulk of your damage comes from your super powerful skills. Be sure to keep them upgraded over time so that they keep up with damage as enemies get stronger. At early levels, all you need to upgrade them is a bit of gold. Experiment with different skills to see which ones you like best, and don’t forget about your evasive skill! That one lets you get out of stick situations quickly.

That’s all for Eternity Warriors 4. With this, your dungeon running should be smooth as butter! If you have any other spelunking tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!


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