You wake up to find yourself stuck in a mysterious room. Though you feel no immediate danger, there is something off putting about the room with its quaint wallpaper and seemingly bare bones furnishings. To escape the room, you must learn the truth about yourself and the universe…

Samsara Room is the next entry in the popular “escape room” Rusty Lake series. Samsara Room is actually a full remake built from the ground up of the very first game in the universe. The series is well known for its mind-bending puzzles, out-of-this-world plot and characters, surreal themes, and cinematic characteristics.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, the Rusty Lake games put the player in a confined space, usually a cube of some sort, and they must use their wits to find a way out using only the objects placed within the room. Some of the games allow the player to explore different locales, but usually most of them take place within a single room.

Samsara Room takes place before the second game in the series, Cube Escape: Seasons. To learn the truth of the room you are in, the figure in the mirror, and the meaning behind the clock and telephone, you will have to dig deep into your own mind. In this remake, new content has been added that connects the game to the rest of the Rusty Lake games.

Can you escape the room? Samsara Room is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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