The world around you is starting to collapse. You can feel the hunger – the core of the world wants to devour you whole. With only small little images to guide you, you must piece together what happened to you and where this darkness even is.

But the biggest question remains: are you even alive?

The Almost Gone is a surreal puzzle adventure where you are trapped between life and death. To find the way out, you must carefully examine images of a normal neighborhood to unravel the truth.

The adventure starts with houses, but eventually you will find yourself at hospitals, apartment blocks, and more. Each location seems to relate to you some way, but what is the importance? And what does it mean about you?

The questions pile on and the answers are lacking. The only way out of this dark abyss is to journey through five chapters of an immersive and atmospheric story about life and death.

The Almost Gone launches on the App Store and Google Play Store on June 25, 2020.


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