Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples is a beautiful escape the room / adventure game of really high quality and top challenge level. Our Escape Hunt The Lost Temples walkthrough will guide you through the stages of the game and help you complete them as fast as possible and without any headaches

You’ll have to think out of the box on multiple occasions in order to continue your quest to save Professor Antoine LeBlanc, but we’re here to help. We’re starting with the complete solution to the first areas in the game, but we’ll have the full guide uploaded to our website later on if demand is high for it.

But until then, let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out the Escape Hunt The Lost Temples walkthrough below for the first areas in the game.

Escape Hunt The Lost Temples Walkthrough – Area 1 / Room 1 (outside)

1. Look around you in the starting area and collect all the Wooden Boards (6 of them).

2. Place the wooden boards where the bridge should be, making sure that you choose the base similar to the holes on the poles.

3. After crossing the bridge, look forward on the stairs and pick up the machete. Use it to cut the two vines in front of the gate. Finally, in your inventory, drag one vine over the other to tie them together.

4. Look at the wall to the right of the gate and remember the poses of the statues:

5. Turn to the actual statues and swipe over them until you replicate the poses.

6. Check out the poses of the statues to the left of the gate:

7. Replicate the poses here as well by swiping over the statues.

8. A lever appears on the forehead of the statue above the gate. Move in front of the gate and throw the vines over the level to pull it. Enter the temple.

Escape Hunt The Lost Temples Walkthrough – Area 2 / Room 2 (inner garden)

1. Now you will have to pick up 4 small round mirrors from the area, 8 tiles scattered around and one stick that’s in a clay pot right in front of you, and a bit to the right.

2. Pick up the first mirror on a rock down the stairs and to the left. Pick up a stone tile to the right.

3. Move forward to the clay pot and get the stick and an extra tile near the pot. Continue forward and pick up the second mirror in front of the statue.

4. Turn to the right and go in front of the large stone statue to the right. There is another mirror in front of it and a stone tile to the left. Now turn to the right and move backwards toward the stairs. On your way, pick up the straws from a clay vase, another stone tile in front of it and finally another one somewhere to the left as you get close to the elephant.

5. Now turn around and move to the left wall. You’ll pick up a stone tile sitting near a rock, another one near the rope to your right, another mirror in front of a clay pot a bit forward and finally the last tile on the large roots near the bunch of fallen rocks. Also pick up the piece of bark in the clay pot near the rope.

6. Now go all the way to the wall in front of the elephant and use the 8 tiles to form the picture shown below:

7. Now get behind the elephant statue and swipe over it multiple times, until it gets in front of the wall. It opens and reveals a red gemstone – pick it up.

8. Move all the way to the statue to the right and put the gemstone in the slot in its forehead.

9. Now move all the way to the front of the stairs, where the rope ends and there’s some debris in front of it. On that debris, place the bark, straws and stick (in this order). Then swipe over the stick in a circular motion until you start the fire.

10. Place the mirrors on top of the poles that have appeared (it doesn’t matter which mirror goes where). Now you will have to point the mirrors to the extreme left and right to reflect the light to the middle ones, which should then be rotated to reflect the light to the eyes of the statue in the middle (you might have to pinch out in front of each pole in order to be able to move):

11. This is it! We have completed the first two areas in the game and we can unlock the rest for an in app purchase to unlock the rest.

If there is interest from our readers for this game, we will continue the walkthrough after making the purchase and completing the rest of the levels.

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