A scientist sneaks onto a massive alien spaceship that is covered in crystals. On a quest to discover more about the aliens that invaded Earth, the scientist ends up frozen in cryostasis for five years. When an old friend arrives and boards the ship, the scientist awakens and now they must find a way to escape back to Earth!

Returner Zhero is a stunning 3D high definition adventure onboard an intergalactic spaceship. Take control of the scientist and lead them through the enormous high-tech corridors of the spaceship brimming with mysterious alien hardware. Check out the teaser trailer below – this is one of those games that must be seen to be believed!

Of course, with technology this foreign, you’re bound to run into some translation issues. You will need all of your wit to get through some of the puzzles in Returner Zhero, as they will challenge everything you know about puzzle adventure games.

But don’t be intimidated, as this sci-fi adventure is meant for adventurers of all ages. A helpful AI guide will help you explore the ship and even drop hints for you when you come across the tougher puzzles. There’s never a dull moment with your AI guide!

Returner Zhero also features some nifty live-action videos that detail you and your friend – Colonel Ling – as you explore the ship and piece together what exactly is happening here. A grand conspiracy awaits you in Returner Zhero!

Returner Zhero is available now on the iOS App Store 4.99 USD.


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