A little mechanized hero finds himself suddenly trapped in a mysterious labyrinth. The tiles on the floor seem to keep changing, and there are other dangerous lurking around. The only thing for certain is that he knows he needs to get away from that giant automatron watching his every move…

Maze Machina is a turn-based puzzle game where you must use your wits and cunning to survive a lethal maze. An evil automatron controls the maze and he has thrown you into the maze just for his own entertainment. You must do everything you can to survive!

Each level of the maze is laid out in a 4×4 grid. Every tile has a special icon on it, and when the hero walks over to the tile, he can utilize its properties to help him survive. For example, a tile with a sword on it will allow him to destroy the dangerous constructs around him.

When a tile is used, it flips over so that it cannot be used again, so you must plan your route to the exit accordingly. The tiles allow you to use all sorts of different strategies, so experimenting and planning is key here!

How far you will descend through the maze? Compete with friends and the world on leaderboards, and challenge yourself to make it out of the maze. Maze Machina is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 1.99 USD.


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