The age of humankind is over, and all that is left is a war torn post-apocalyptic landscape. In EPOCH.2, you control a battle robot tasked with one objective: protect the human Princess Amelia. With his leads are thinning one by one, he must make a swift move to ensure her safety. EPOCH.2 is a tactical third-person cover shooter that puts an emphasis on attacking at the right moments and twitch based dodging. Unravel the mystery behind humanity’s downfall with the help of our EPOCH.2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Always be prepared! Equip the right weapons and armor for maximum effectiveness!


On the mission select screen there’s a little box at the bottom right corner of the screen. It’ll say “Best Attack” and “Best Defense” with two icons next to each. This shows what kind of element you should bring in with you. The types of elements are:

  • Kinetic (Bullet Icon)
  • Corrosive (Green drop icon)
  • Explosive (Orange icon)
  • Laser-based (Red laser sight icon)
  • Electromagnetic (Blue lighting bolt icon)

The bigger of the two icons is the most recommend element type for that mission. When you go to the Scrapyard, each weapon and armor you can buy has an element attached to it. Make sure you equip yourself accordingly to the mission!

2. Make a habit of manual reloading!

Swipe down to make the EPOCH take cover. Swipe down again to start a manual reload. A bar will show up, and a line will begin to travel across it. There are white and light gray sections of the bar. If you swipe down again while the bar is in the white section, you’ll do a quick reload and you’ll have a damage boost for that clip. This is great for taking out enemies extra fast, so try to do this as much as you can. Not only that, but if you manage to nail the quick reload consistently, it’s a lot faster than doing the automatic reload, which is letting your clip run completely dry.

3. Use your special abilities when you’re in a bind!

EPOCH comes equipped with three special abilities:

  • Counters – Counters, or countermeasures, are grenades that do a high amount of damage. They travel in a slow arc though, so it’s best to throw it at stationary targets or after a target has just moved. Counters are capable of inflicting full damage to targets under cover, so use them if you want to take out a particular enemy right away or if they’re just sitting behind their cover.
  • Missiles – Missiles are auto-targeting explosives that will spread to hit every enemy that is currently on-screen. Use missiles if there are multiple enemies and you want to weaken them for an easy finish with your main gun. If there’s only one target, they’ll do a lot more damage, almost near what a counter can do.
  • Boosters – Arm units that provide a variety of temporary beneficial effects for EPOCH. The one you start out with slows down time, giving you more reaction time to incoming fire. Explore the shop and see what the other units do, and pick your favorite. You’ve got a lot of options to choose from, such as increased fire rate, decoys, shields, health repair, and more.

Don’t be afraid to use your abilities when you’re struggling. They have relatively fast cool downs, so they’ll be back up before you know it.

4. Use your super move to throw off enemy aim!

Swiping up causes EPOCH to do his super move. The super move will be different depending on where you are; if you’re on the left or right side, EPOCH will jump over to the opposite side. This is great for throwing off enemy aim, especially when you’re pinned down. If you’re in the middle, the super move will cause EPOCH to jump straight up and hover in the air momentarily. The high vantage point gives him increased aim on targets, especially ones behind cover. Use this to get another angle on your enemies!

5. Shoot the destructibles for some extra credits!

You’ll probably notice some boxes with a blue line going through them when you’re travelling through the levels. These are left over pieces of technology from ancient civilizations, so do what any other sane person would do: shoot them up! You are rewarded with bonuses credits at the end of the level depending on how many of them you destroyed. It’s best to leave these for last until you have only one enemy left on the screen and they’re weak and ready to be executed.

6. Focus fire for efficient destruction!

You should always try to focus on taking out one enemy at a time, rather than distributing your fire evenly. It always helps to have one less source of enemy fire around! Of course there are exceptions depending on your weapon, for example if you have a corrosive weapon you might want to hit each enemy once so that all enemies will take the damage over time.

7. Up for a challenge? Replay levels on the higher difficulties!

You will initially do each level on the easiest setting. Every level has three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. Sometimes the harder difficulties will even have a different objective, like destroying a certain amount of enemies within an allotted time. If you’re equipped, feel free to tackle the harder difficulties, as completing them will net you sweet rewards.

8. To sum it all up: stay mobile and flank your enemies!

Switch cover spots frequently to throw off enemy aim, and use smart vantage angles to flank them! Combine your movement with super moves and all of your abilities and you can blast away at any hiding enemy.

This should be all the tips you need to move and dodge and ensure the princess’ safety. Help her find her bearings and hopefully you’ll be able to uncover the mystery of the world’s fate. If you have any other suggestions or questions, leave a comment below. Good luck, have fun, and until next time!



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