Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate skater? In Epic Skater you will prove that you have the best skills of all! Epic Skater is an endless runner with a skating twist – swipe and tap to perform tricks to score big points. Combo tricks together to multiply your score into the stratosphere. We’ll help you out with our Epic Skater cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide that will get you pulling off awesome combos in no time.

Epic Skater will have you speeding down a city at breakneck speeds, so keep up with our Epic Skater cheats, tips and trick strategy guide.


Hold down for 1.5 seconds to gain maximum Ollie height!

As demonstrated during the tutorial, you have to tap and hold for 1.5 seconds in order to maximize your ollie jumps. A good indicator that you are fully charged is your skater’s hands – watch for when they’re in the “claw” formation and they’re pointing down. That’s your cue to let go!

For easy starting levels, complete the goals!

When you first start out, you won’t have access to all of the skater’s moves. During the first couple runs you really only need to worry about getting coins, doing lots of ollies, and completing the goals. The goals are worth a lot of experience, so do them! They’re very easy too, most of them consisting of “ollie this many times” or “collect this amount of coins” and so forth. Eventually you’ll level up to level 5 (or was it 6?) and you will unlock the almighty manual!

The ultimate tool for long combos: THE MANUAL!

When you unlock the manual, you now have the potential to become a combo master! During your early levels, all you could do was ollie, grind, and trick in the air. Now, you can do all that and chain it all together with manuals. To do a manual, swipe to the right or left and hold that position. Your skater will begin to manual in that direction. Why is this useful? Well, you gain points for as long as you hold the manualbut the most important feature is that you can continue your combo with it. Coming out of an air trick? Swipe and hold before you land and you’ll start a manual, multiplying your current combo score. This is the key to tremendous scores! But…

Don’t get too greedy!

You will do well to remember that the points for your current combo are not tallied until you hit the ground in neutral position, which means no manual. I have gone very long streaks with a combo score of over 20,000 only to lose it all because I crash into something or fall down into a pit. Remember that you do want to have long combos but every now and then be sure to cash in your points, because you’ll regret holding onto them for too long! Better safe than sorry!!

Be careful with the spins!

When you level up enough you’ll start unlocking advanced tricks, such as flips and spins. The spin must be performed by tapping a button on the bottom left corner. Be sure that you’re not sideways when you land, though! The spin is a peculiar trick, I might add. Sometimes when adding a spin to an air combo, it’ll break my manual chain when I hit the ground, causing my combo to end and the points be tallied. I’m not sure why this is the case sometimes, but I’ve done various tests. Initially I thought that you had to continue your manual in the direction you were facing after the spin was finished, but this didn’t work, so I’m not really sure how to keep a manual going after a spin. Spins are great additions to a combo, but just be wary that you may or may not be able to continue the combo after you perform one.

Make sure you have a lot of air for flips!

Front flips and back flips take a lot of time to complete, so don’t even try to attempt these unless you’ve got a ramp of some sort to go off of. They’re worth a ton of points so try to squeeze in as many as you can but don’t overdo it!

Upgrade Ollie and Trick!

The most useful upgrades to buy are Ollie and Trick improvements. Ollie increases how high you can jump with an ollie, and trick supposedly speeds up the animation of your tricks, enabling you to squeeze in more during air time.

That should cover everything. Remember – keep that manual going after you do air tricks! Don’t be afraid to jump in the middle of a manual too! Trick like you’ve never tricked before, and if you have any suggestions or questions leave us a comment below. Have fun skating!



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