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Epic Seven: How to Unlock More Characters

Epic Seven: How to Unlock More Characters
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Unlocking more characters in Epic Seven is a whole other story in itself. Since there is a wide variety of characters you can acquire (but not all worth the effort) we’re going to help you with a guide on Epic Seven on how to unlock more characters.

First things first, if you haven’t done your collective summoning yet, do it ASAP! It’s available after you finish the first act, so it’s not hard to get to it.

Collective summoning is the best (and easiest) way to get more (potentially very very good) characters. This will allow you to summon 10 characters at a time, and reset those summons up to 30 times. This collective summoning pretty much sets up the pace of your game. It is free, but once done, it cannot be undone unless you reset you start over.

In collective summoning you can only get ONE five star artifact/hero, so I suggest you choose wisely. The best you could ask for is one five star champion (Sez, Ravi, Destina) and one OP four star champion (Armin, Achates, Angelica). If you find one good four star artifact, by all means, keep it (especially if it suits your five star champion of choice).

Next to collective summoning, we have individual summons. They cost 5 Covenant Bookmarks each, and you get a random item/champion. You could be very lucky and get Destina, Sez or Ravi here, but the chances are way slimmer.

These two, collective summoning and individual summoning, are the most common ways of obtaining heroes. There is also a third way, which is a little bit more complicated, but not all that much.

When you’re in lobby, you will see in the top left of your screen another character sitting alone at a table. If you tap them, they will open a list of quests that, if completed, the corresponding champion will be unlocked.

The champions here aren’t that amazing, but some of them are quite decent (Silk for example). Yuna is on that list too, so if you want her in your collection, make sure you do the quests she wants you to do!

Another way of obtaining heroes is by having them drop their corresponding card, but the chances are very low, so don’t rely on it! It is mostly common with monsters, but they are good too for enhancing your heroes only. Nonetheless, it’s a way of improving, so it’s good.

The heroes you choose to follow you in your journey are the most important feature of this game, because they mainly decide whether or not you will have a good time playing, or a hard time.

For more information on how to level up, gear up, and make your way through the game, check out our Epic Seven strategy guide for some cool and helpful tips!

With these in mind, this concludes our guide on how to get more characters in Epic Seven. We hope you find it useful, and if you learn more ways of getting let your fellow players know by writing them in the comments below!

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Epic Seven: How to Unlock More Characters


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