Epic Odyssey Mobile game

Gacha RPGs can be daunting for newcomers. Too often they’re stuffed with arcane stats and require endless grinding and inventory maintenance.

Epic Odyssey, from Vietnamese developer Hiker Games, looks like an honorable exception. While it contains all of the features you’d expect to find in a contemporary hero-collecting game, it delivers them with an emphasis on accessibility and fun.

Plus, it boasts features you don’t always find in the genre, including open-world exploration, puzzles, and idle features aplenty.

Epic Odyssey Gameplay

Gameplay-wise, Epic Odyssey is a turn-based strategy RPG in which you go head to head with enemies in 5v5 battles, using teams made up of heroes from three different factions and three different classes.

Incidentally, these heroes all look amazing, with bold 3D graphics and classic high fantasy designs. They all have their own unique backstories, too, and their personalities shine through in-game dialogue.

Outside the combat, all of the features you’d expect to find in a hero-collecting RPG are present and correct. You can combine any duplicates you summon into your collection, invest lower status heroes into your more valuable ones, upgrade everything from your skills to your equipment, and more.

Epic Odyssey Hero

But it’s in the open world map that Epic Odyssey really separates itself from the pack. When you’re not in the menus or fighting in a battle, the game looks for all the world like an isometric action-RPG as you roam around the world, opening chests, speaking to NPCs, solving puzzles, and picking up quests. There’s a whole map to explore, broken up into thirty distinct chapters across the Lynea Continent.

And if you’re too busy to explore or grind, you can let the game do the heavy lifting for you. Epic Odyssey is strong on the idle features, so you can make progress even when you’re away from your phone. 

Download Epic Odyssey for free right now on Google Play and the App Store. You can also get some freebies in-game by using the code ODYSSEY.


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