As another one of the four characters in Epic Conquest, Zerav is quite unique (and good-looking too!) and strong, wielding a scythe. He is a demon looking to collect souls and use them to further empower him, and his skills showcase just that.

Zerav’s perks are Soul Manipulation, Life Leech and Awakening. With Soul Manipulation he collects his victims’ souls and the more souls he collects, the higher his life steal. Also, while fury is active, he will enter a state where any soul usage does not deplete the soul gauge.

His skills are Soul Snatch, Violent Reap, Dread Chasm and Soul Oblivion.

Soul Snatch: He will take the enemy’s soul to fill the Soul Gauge. When he collects more than 5 souls, this skill deals double damage and it can snatch up to 3 souls at a time.

Violent Reap: Zerav will reap enemies in front of him multiple times. When charged, he consumes more souls and MP to increase skill damage by 10% for each level. at charge level 5 the damage will change to soul damage.

Dread Chasm: Zerav creates a great chasm to release hundreds of cursed souls, while cursing all enemies trapped inside. Soul Gauge is required to maintain the skill.

Soul Oblivion: Zerav creates a dark hole in front of him, absorbing all wandering souls in an area. The souls will also drag all the enemies around while doing DoT.

Zerav’s masteries are Scythe Mastery (increases weapon damage and chance to reap souls), Soul Mastery (converts INT points to bonus soul damage), Curse Craft (increases curse duration and soul damage) and Soul Keeper (chance to not consume souls when casting skills).

The best build for Zerav is:

Level 30

Crystallized Gale: Shoes (+20)

Sockets: Limit Break / Conserve

Crystallized Gale: Gauntlet (+20)

Sockets: Limit Break

Crystallized Gale: Armor (+20)

Sockets: Limit Break / Conserve

Crystallized Gale: Scythe (+20)

Sockets: Limit Break / Conserve


Level 50

Condensed Glacial: Shoes (+20)

Sockets: Limit Break / Conserve

Condensed Glacial: Gauntlet (+20)

Sockets:Limit Break

Condensed Glacial: Armor (+20)

Sockets: Limit Break

Condensed Glacial: Scythe (+20)

Sockets: Limit Break / Conserve

Limit Break will greatly amplify his damage at the cost of MP, while Conserve will reduce that mana cost. Trying to keep those somewhat balanced is ideal, because you don’t want to run out of mana in the middle of a fight.

If you’re looking to amp up his fashion game, you can choose one of the four available costumes: Casual Wear, Christmas Wolf, Brave Knight or Lunar New Year. My personal favorite here is the Brave Knight Zerav one, but you do you, so pick whatever you feel fits your style best!

In order to spend his points well, I suggest you prioritize STR by a lot, since you will do tons and tons of damage. If you want to try a more hybrid build, then you can go for STR / INT combo. VIT and AGI aren’t that great on Zerav, but like I said, you try out everything and see what style fits you best.

That’s our Zerav build for Epic Conquest, so if you know of some other fun to play builds let us know down in the comments below! We would love to see how creative you can get with the build and maybe try out something a little bit different.


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