Entire List of Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities on Nintendo Switch


Back in the 90s, the original Mortal Kombat took the world of fighting games by storm with its ultra-violent experience, which was quite far from that of Street Fighter II and the other fighting games on the market. While parents all over the world were worried about their kids stabbing their opponents to death while removing some of their limbs, players were hooked, so much so that the series has since become a worldwide, cross-media phenomenon, spawning multiple sequels, including Mortal Kombat 11.

The latest entry in the series does not tone down the violence at all, featuring multiple Fatalities that players can use to finish their opponents in gruesome style. Here’s how to do all of them on Nintendo Switch.

Entire List of Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities on Nintendo Switch

All characters in Mortal Kombat 11, both base game characters and additional DLC characters, come with two different Fatalities. The inputs for the first one are shown right from the start of the game in the Move List, while those for the second are only revealed after players found them in the Krypt. If you do know the inputs, however, you can still perform these Fatalities even if you haven’t revealed the inputs in-game.

Below, you will find all of the Fatalities for all characters in Mortal Kombat 11, sorted in alphabetical order.


  • Food for Thought – Back, Down, Back, X
  • Rock, Paper, Baraka – Back, Forward, Back, B

Cassie Cage

  • I <3 U – Down, Down, Forward, A
  • #GirlPower – Back, Down, Down, Back, X


  • Maintaining Balance – Back, Down, Forward, Down, A
  • Good and Evil – Back, Down, Back, B


  • New Species – Back, Forward, Back, B
  • Can’t Die – Back, Down, Down, A

Erron Black

  • Melted – Down, Down, Down, Y
  • Death Trap – Down, Forward, Down, X


  • Ice Sculpture – Forward, Back, Down, Y
  • The Cyber Initiative – Back, Forward, Down, Forward, A


  • Wind Blade – Back, Down, Down, Back, Y
  • Twisted Twister – Forward, Back, Down, X


  • Phasing Through Time – Back, Down, Down, B
  • Peeling Back – Down, Forward, Back, Y

Jacqui Briggs

  • Spider Mines – Forward, Back, Forward, B
  • Nothin’ But Neck – Back, Forward, Back, A


  • Pole Dance – Down, Down, Down, Y
  • Bow Before Me – Down, Down, Forward, Down A

Jax Briggs

  • Coming In Hot – Forward, Down, Forward, B
  • Still Got It – Back, Forward, Back, Down, Y

Johnny Cage

  • Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood – Forward, Back, Down, Down, A
  • Who Hired This Guy? – Forward, Down, Forward, Y


  • Road Rage – Forward, Back, Down, Forward, B
  • Hooked – Down, Down, Down, A


  • Last Dance – Forward, Down, Down, Y
  • Face Like a Dropped Pie – Back, Down, Forward, X


  • Gore-nado – Down, Down, Down, Down, X
  • Royale Execution – Down, Back, Forward, Y


  • For the Kollection – Down, Down, Down, Down, A
  • Head Lantern – Down, Forward, Back, Y

Kotal Kahn

  • Totem Sacrifice – Back, Down, Back B
  • Kat Food – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Y

Kung Lao

  • Headed Nowhere – Down, Forward, Back, Down, X
  • Meat Slicer – Down, Forward, Down, B

Liu Kang

  • Burn Out – Down, Back, Down, Forward, Y
  • Belly of the Beast – Back, Down, Back, Forward, X


  • Spinning Out of Control – Back, Down, Back, X
  • Violent Delights – Forward, Down, Down, A

Noob Saibot

  • Split Decision – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, A
  • Double Trouble – Down, Down, Down, Y


  • 1st Fatality – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, X
  • 2nd Fatality – Down, Down, Down, Down, A


  • Alternating Kurrent – Back, Down, Back, Y
  • Direct Kurrent – Down, Forward, Back, B


  • Eye-solated – Back, Forward, Back, Down, X
  • Power Washer – Back, Down, Down, Y


  • Straight to Valhalla – Back, Forward, Down, Y
  • Parrilla Thrilla – Down, Forward, Down, A

Robocop (DLC)

  • Dead or Alive – Down, Down, Down, Y
  • Thank You for Your Cooperation – Forward, Down, Forward, Y


  • You’re Next – Back, Down, Down, Y
  • Chain Reaction – Down, Forward, Back, X

Shang Tsung 

  • Kondemned To The Damned – Back, Forward, Down, Down, Y
  • Shokan Reborn – Back, Forward, Back, A

Shao Khan

  • Bloody Mess – Forward, Back, Down, B
  • Heart Kondition – Down, Down, Forward, A


  • Spinal Tap – Down, Down, Down, Y
  • Stomp The Yard – Forward, Down, Down, Forward, B


  • Scream Queen – Down, Down, Forward, A
  • Hair Today Gone Tomorrow – Back, Forward, Back, Y


  • Bloody Mess – Forward, Back, Down, B
  • Heart Kondition – Down, Down, Forward, A


  • Rest in Pieces – Forward, Back, Down, Down, B
  • Unchained – Forward, Back, Forward, A

Sonya Blade

  • To the Choppa – Down, Forward, Back, X
  • Supply Drop – Back, Forward, Down, B


  • Ice-Cutioner – Forward, Back, Forward, X
  • Frozen In Time – Back, Down, Back, A

The Terminator

  • I’m Back – Back, Forward, Back, Y
  • Target Terminated – Down, Forward, Down, A

The Joker

  • Party Pooper – Down, Forward, Back, X
  • Pop Goes the Mortal – Back, Down, Back, Y

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Mortal Kombat 11 is now available on Nintendo Switch as well as on every other modern gaming platform. Even without the brutally awesome Fatalities, the game is a solid fighting game coming with great netcode for smooth online play, so give it a spin if you feel the urge of beating up your opponents badly. And finishing them off in style, if you so desire.

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Entire List of Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities on Nintendo Switch


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