Enter the Reveries Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Getting to the District End

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Enter the Reveries is a side-scrolling platformer featuring distinct hand-illustrated artwork. In the world of Clowntown, a mysterious force known as The Melancholy is spreading sadness across the land. The heroes known as the Clumsies – do not worry about their name – are the only ones able to stop it!

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In our Enter the Reveries tips and tricks guide, we will help you master the platforming in this game, as it is very tricky. Let’s get started with our Enter the Reveries cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting to the district end!

Try out jumping to get a feel for the physics!

The trickiest part of Enter the Reveries is just getting a hammer down on the physics. Depending on when you tap to jump off of the rotating planets, your Reverie will jump at a different height and speed.

We recommend practicing jumping between easy planets just to get a feel for the physics, because a wrong jump at the wrong angle can send you into a trajectory of doom. Mastering the jump physics in this game is the key to victory, so take some time to practice in the first level of the game.

Take your time and study each jump!

There is no time limit or anything when you are traversing the world of Clowntown, so please do not rush through the jumping. Making blind jumps is a quick way to throw yourself into the abyss, and you would rather not do that, right?

Take the time to rotate on each planet to time and study your jumps. Do not jump until you know where you need to aim to, so go ahead and wait for a full rotation.

However, it is important to know that there will be occasions where the game will throw an obstacle at you and you will need to react quickly. Do not sweat it if you lose a life to these, as they are often put in places where you will not see them until it is too late.

Carefully dodge the obstacles!

You will come across dangerous obstacles as you travel through the world of Clowntown. These deadly obstacles will send you straight to the beginning of the level if you run into them, and you will lose a life.

However, most of these obstacles are very clearly marked with a red outline showing you where the exact hit box is. As long as you skirt around the red border, you should be able to dodge the obstacle just fine.

Just remember that some obstacles have their entire bodies as the red outline, so you have to dodge the entire obstacle. These are little trickier to get around, but just stay calm, time your jumps, and you should be okay.

Time your double jump well!

Remember that you have a double jump! Your double jump cannot change your trajectory, but it can boost your overall distance covered. A well timed double jump can save a bad jump, so make sure to use it at the right time.

Also, do not overestimate its power. If your first jump is a well timed one and you go far, be careful about using your second jump – it may give you TOO much distance, and you will go right over your target.

Relics are almost required!

Because you get sent back all the way to the beginning of the level whenever you bite the dust, relics are almost a necessity in the later levels due to how hard they become. Relics provide you with all sort of beneficial effects!

Clown Rocket boosts your Clumsy across a short distance, bypassing the need to jump between the planets and obstacles. The Clown Rocket is great in any situation, and it goes well with the Quint Magnet so that you pull in all of the quints (the little potions) you go across.

Quint Magnet, as explained, automatically attracts quints to you. They last for twenty seconds and the more quints you collect, the more of the lore you will reveal. These are not essential to beating the levels, so we recommend spending your crystal shards on the other relics.

Snake Spring, when activated, will automatically teleport you to a safe planet when you fall down a hole. Each Snake Spring is good for three rescues, so make them count!

Rubber Shields are the protective items you use in the tutorial. They will protect you for three hits, after which it shatters and you are vulnerable again. These are useful for getting through areas with dense amounts of obstacles.

Stop Watches freeze time temporarily, halting all moving enemies and obstacles for 20 seconds. This is useful but you might as well get the Clown Rocket since it propels you ahead with the same effect essentially.

Those are all the items, and while some seem more useful than others, it is ultimately up to you to decide on what you want!

It is okay if you miss quints!

Quints are the little blue potions that increase your score when you pick them up. They are often lined up in a way to show you the path to the next planet to stand on, but it is okay if you do not follow the path exactly and miss a couple of quints.

In fact, it is okay to ignore the quints that are a bit out of the way. Sometimes they will be put in ways that might make you miss a jump, and it is far more important to stay alive and conserve your lives as much as possible.

Feel free to restart at any time to reset your lives!

When you enter a district, you are given a total of 8 lives to make it through the ENTIRE district. You must make each life count, as it is just the worst feeling getting to the end of a district only to lose your last life.

That is why we highly recommend simply restarting if you have lost too many lives in the first half of the district. You can pause the game at any time and exit back out into the district select screen.

In this game, practice really does make perfect. You essentially need to memorize the layout of each section of the district and also where the obstacles are so that you are not completely blindsided by them.

Watch out for the bosses!

When you get to the final section of a district, you must deal with a boss in some fashion. Since your Clumsy does not really have a form of attacking, you must evade the boss while continuing towards the end.

In Pillow Place for example, the Queen will pursue throughout the third section. She will randomly pop up in pits around you, so you must stay on the move while dodging her attacks. She works like those puppets that popped up from below all the way to the top, so as long as you do not stay directly above her you should be fine.

You will deal with many more bosses, so you must adapt to their attack patterns and find a way around them!

That’s all for Enter the Reveries. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Enter the Reveries Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Getting to the District End

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