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Endurance Guide: Tips & Cheats To Survive the Adventure

Endurance Guide: Tips & Cheats To Survive the Adventure

Aboard the spaceship Endurance, you play as a scientist on an important research mission. You and your crew are trying to figure out the origins of a mysterious virus that turns people into violent beings with no chance for redemption. Blast your way through this arcade horror shooter as you fight to learn the truth behind the virus and most importantly: survive!

In our Endurance tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of survival. Endurance may seem like a standard top-down shooter, but there are some nuances here and there that require a little more finesse. Let’s get started with our Endurance cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to survive the adventure!

Choosing your Character

When starting a new game in Endurance, you are presented with a variety of scientists with different stats. The one you pick will be the main hero of the story, so choose wisely.

Each character has four stats that differ. Here they are explained:

  • Health: This is the character’s maximum health. It can be increased with the help of rare health boosters found in the game.
  • Speed: The character’s movement speed. Can be increased with speed boosters and credits.
  • Shield Recharge: This one we are not entirely too sure what it does, but it seems to reduce the amount of damage you take, so think of it as defense. Can be increase with shield boosters and credits.
  • Regeneration: Speeds up your natural health recovery over time. Can be increased with regen boosters and credits.
  • Trap Detection: Enables the character to point out traps more reliably. Can be increased with trap kits and credits.

You also get to choose the difficulty of the game. If this is your first playthrough of the game, we highly recommend either Easy or Normal. The game can be surprisingly brutal later on!

If you are just starting out, we recommend a character with high health or high shield recharge. This will improve your odds of survival by a lot!

Always Scavenge for Boxes and Lockers

After you clear out a room for the first time, the next order of business should be to scavenge. There are almost no items just lying around in the open in Endurance – the most helpful supplies are usually hiding away in a locker or box.

Search around the room for any containers. They are usually littered against the top edge of the room, because the container sprites only face down. If you get close to them and use the attack button, you will open them.

Lockers and boxes often contain permanent upgrades, first aid kits, weapons, and more. You will need to be a thorough searcher if you want to make it off the Endurance alive!

Do Not Waste Items

Gun repair kits and first aid kits can be used at any point, unless you are at maximum health/durability. Considering that first aid kits heal around 200 points of health, you are better off waiting until you are gravely wounded.

Depending on the randomness of the level, you may get lucky with more kits than usual or you might just barely scrape by. That is why it is important to conserve your resources and only use them when you need them to get the most out of the kits.

If you do not have a first aid kit lying around, you can also spend 200 credits to heal your character on the spot, but that is quite steep, so only do this in emergencies.

If you open a chest and reveal an item that you do not want to use yet, you can come back later. The game will mark the item on your map as a little bright dot so you do not forget where it is.

Bob and Weave

For the first few levels, you are stuck without a weapon and the game is not hesitant to throw enemies at you. Most of the time, you will end up trading blows with the crazed scientists.

However, if you have a character that is quick enough, you can actually move in and out of the enemy’s attack range if you are swift enough.

It is a little tricky, but it practically make you invincible once you master it. What you have to do is start your attack animation, move in and hit your target, then quickly move out as fast as possible.

Once you get into the rhythm of it, you can punch down enemies without taking a single hit. Obviously this is a little harder to do with multiple enemies and it becomes impracticable when they start carrying guns, but it is a good early game strategy!

Conserve Gun Durability

On the second level, you will get your first gun, the FK-12. This is a slow shooting gun that deals decent damage but most importantly it has infinite durability, indicated by the meter above the gun icon.

All of the guns you will get in the future will have way better stats, but they come at the cost of losing durability per shot. When a gun’s durability is completely drained, it will break!

Try not to let this happen to your favorite guns. If you encounter a small group of enemies, it may be better to switch to your FK-12 and use it to pick them off.

Or, when your better gun starts to get low on durability, stop using it immediately and use only your FK-12 in the mean time. Wait until you come across a gun repair kit, which will restore full durability.

Beware the Traps

Once you get to level 3 Training Deck, you will start to encounter land mines. These are the most basic form of traps, but do not be fooled – they hurt! If you get too close to them, they will detonate damaging anything and everything caught in the blast radius.

Your trap detection stat determines how close you can get before the mines go off. There will be parts where you will have to carefully tip-toe around some closely packed mines, and since the game does not let you walk or anything, you have to move very slowly.

Note that mines will go off whenever anything gets near them. This means that if you are quick enough, you can lure enemies into mines to wipe them out with relative ease.

Dealing with Bosses

The many bosses you will come across during your fight across the Endurance will test all of your skills. Not only are these guys massive damage sponges, they also hit VERY hard!

The first boss you encounter is a good example of this. On the Training Deck, you will come across a mad scientist armed with a grenade launcher. The scientist will attempt to trail grenades in front of you, so be careful how you move.

The grenades have quite the blast radius, so you may even get clipped by them without knowing. Take cover behind the boxes and pop out to deliver some shots, then get back under cover.

If you need to, you can run out of the boss room and retreat to a locker where you left a health kit if you do not have enough credits to heal on the spot.

Spend Credits Wisely

Your credits are universal, meaning they can be carried over from game to game. Keep this in mind! The game only has one save slot, so if you start a new game you will erase your previous character and start from the beginning.

However, all of the credits you had remaining from the previous game will be transferred into your new game. If you are going to spend credits upgrading a character, it is best to stick with that character until the end.

That’s all for Endurance. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Endurance Guide: Tips & Cheats To Survive the Adventure


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