The App Store is literally filled with endless runner games that offer pretty much the same gameplay experience. Which isn’t a truly bad thing, as some of them carry some interesting spins on the formula that can make them worthwhile.

This is the case of a new endless runner game now available on the App Store, a fun little game called Toad Rider.

As you might have understood from the title, Toad Rider involves a bad-ass toad who’s trying to escape from some scientists. These scientists have already performed some weird experiments on the poor toad and have no intention of letting it go.

The toad, at the same time, has no intention to go back to the lab and it’s ready to run for as long as it’s needed to escape the clutch of the scientists.

What seta Toad Rider apart from other endless runner games is the fact that the toad can perform some tricks like backflips and others to increase the score. It’s not really game changing, that’s for sure, but it adds something to the tried and true formula featured in many other games.

Toad Rider is now available on the App Store, costing only $0.99. The game also comes with some IAPs that are in no way required to enjoy it.


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