A new endless runner game is now available for download on the App Store, a free game that’s more than worth your time, especially if you like endless runner games.

The Trip, developed by Henry Gousen, stars a little van that must travel through some beautiful hand drawn stages. The game’s controls are quite simple. At the beginning of the run, tapping on the screen will make the van jump. Collecting the crystals that fall from the sky, however, will change what tapping does. With one power up it will be possible to jump way higher, with another it will be possible to fly for a limited amount of time and more. The power up system is definitely one of the best gameplay features of The Trip, spicing up the overall experience as well as adding an umpredictable element that adds more variety to the game.


Everything considered, The Trip is a unique endless runner game that tries to keep the experience fresh and umpredictable. The game does get a bit frustrating but that’s to be expected for a free game.

The Trip is now available for download on the App Store. The game is now available for free so make sure to check it out if you enjoy endless runner games.




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