Race the Sun

If you also play on PC and on PlayStation consoles and you’re a fan of endless runner games, there’s a good chance you know about Race the Sun, an interesting endless runner game released not too long ago on these platforms. If you’d like to play it again on the go on your iPhone and iPad you will be happy to know that Race the Sun is now available for download in all regions.

In Race the Sun players have to travel through the game’s different stages while avoiding a variety of obstacles. There are ways to make the stage last longer but the sun will eventually set, bringing an end to your run. All maps in Race the Sun are also changed every 24-hours so it’s impossible to perfect runs on maps by playing them for more than a single day.

The iOS version of Race the Sun plays pretty much like the PC one, with the difference that maps change at a specific time every day and that Game Center leaderboards keep track not only of new high scores but also of older ones that have been obtained in the past 24 hours.

Race the Sun is now available in all regions on the App Store. The game is a rather interesting endless runner game so make sure to check it out if you like the genre and need a new game to play on the go.



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