A new interesting endless runner game will be released later this month on the App Store, a game that will provide a challenging rhythm based experience.

GiveItUp!, developed by Invictus Games, stars a black blob that constantly moves forward. To keep going forward, the blob has to land on green platforms while avoding all kinds of dangers, and the only way to do so is to time jumps with the music.


GiveItUp! also features a really simple graphical style that serves its purpose well. When you have to pay attention to the music at all times, you definitely cannot be distracted with overcomplicated graphics. And being distracted is something you don’t want to do while playing the game, as GiveItUp! is going to be a really challenging game. The team didn’t name the game like this without a good reason, after all.

GiveItUp! seems to bring a really unique gameplay experience sporting some interesting twists on the endless runner formula that will surely make it a memorable experience. Those who would like to play the game will not have to wait for too long, as the Invictus game launches on the App Store on December 18th in all regions.




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