Endless Frontier is a beautiful pixelated incremental game for iOS and Android. With a quirky style and extremely addictive gameplay, this title will surely keep you busy for a long time to come. And we’re here to make the experience as pleasant as possible – and your progress as fast as possible – by sharing some Endless Frontier cheats and tips. With our help, you’ll move through the stages faster, unlock better heroes and have more fun.

So if you’re just starting playing the game – but even if you are an experienced player – our Endless frontier tips and tricks will come in handy. Check them out below and improve your game today!

1. Unlock your Unit Slots
You need gems in order to unlock additional unit slots, but fortunately the game rewards you with a ton for free early on. That’s the only thing you should spend your gems on for a while: unlocking more unit slots, because the more units you have, the easier it will be for you to progress. And worry not about the increasing prices – as you play the game, you will be rewarded with thousands of gems for free!

2. Play the Quiz & Spin the Wheel
The game doesn’t really tell you about these features, but they exist and you should take advantage of them as you can get a lot of free gems and even rare units in return. In order to access the two games, tap the settings icon in the upper right corner, then select the “Quiz” button. There you can answer some extremely simple questions to earn 10 gems for each correct answer, and also spin a wheel for free each day for a chance at great prizes.

3. Press to earn
Although you will eventually unlock Auto Quest options, make sure that you press the button to start each new quest that you unlock. Each new one earns you a ton of coins and fortunately the timer does not go up with each purchase. Eventually, the times will reset and you’ll have to wait less for a ton of extra money.

4. Micromanage your units
Your units are extremely important in the game and even though it might seem difficult to do when you start playing, very soon you will have those first 10 unit slots filled. Since unlocking the 11th is a bit more expensive (2,000 gems – but you’ll still get there sooner rather than later), it’s time to micromanage your units a little bit.

This is the tricky part because varied unit types are required to have success in the other areas of the game, but early on we’ll have to think about reaching a stage that’s as advanced as possible. This means that whenever you have the chance and medals to do so, you should unlock the higher star rated units. Fire one of your existing units if your unit slots are full and hire a new one. Try to have the best available units in the game at first… later on, as you progress and have tens of thousands of medals and more available options, you will have to change your strategy a bit, but for a long time all that matters is having troops with more stars. And, of course, level them up!

Unit enhancement
You can spend medals to enhance your units and greatly improve their stats. Also, once you reach a certain enhancement level, you can Evolve them into even better units by spending a lot of Gems. This is an even lengthier process and you should focus on it only after you have a serious amount of unlocked unit slots. But don’t forget about this, as it becomes extremely important later on in the game: enhance your best units to make them even better.

You can reach the enhancement menu by tapping the portray of your units in the unit screen. Evolving a unit after enhancing it enough makes it a “Senior” unit with much better base stats and an extra star.

5. Watch ads to get boosts
Tapping the Shop menu brings you a bunch of really exciting options. Two of them are to Watch ads to increase the game’s speed for 20 minutes (which results in faster progress and monetary gains) or get a lump sum of gold. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these every now and then in order to make it easier to progress through the game. You will also stumble upon treasure chests at the top of the screen – if they ask you to watch an ad, it means that there will be a lot of Gems inside.

6. Collect achievement rewards
The game doesn’t really tell you about this either, but you complete a ton of achievements when playing. You can’t see the menu by default, so tap the red arrow button in the top right corner. A new set of icons will appear, and you should tap the first, looking like a trophy: those are your achievements and most likely there’s a lot Gems waiting for you there.

7. How to build an amazing team
As you progress through the game and you have more options at your disposal, you will have to built a team around a few main heroes. You can’t – at least not without spending a lot of time and money – have a maximum number of units at maximum levels, so my suggestion is to focus your attention on just a couple at first.

When you have a great team and many extremely rare units, choose the two best. These are usually the highest damage dealers and ideally you’ll have a mage and physical damage dealer in order to have an easier job when fighting against various types of enemies. When you are sure that those are the units you will focus on, work on making them both Seniors first, then enhance them as much as possible.

As you progress and unlock more goodies, you will eventually be able to add 2 more units to this elite squad and much later on, two more. But start with your two best, make sure that they are indeed amazing (you can check out the Unit Book in the menu to make sure that you choose the best) and focus on getting them better, then build your team around them.

8. Dungeons & Artifacts
Each day, you will be allowed to enter different types of dungeons, trying to beat the boss there before the time runs out and collect some special resources. These resources can then be used to purchase artifacts which give you all sorts of boosts. Even more, you can then upgrade these artifacts using the items you get from dungeons – or sell them for gems. Needless to say, you should focus first on getting a full set of artifacts and upgrading them in order to get the best rewards.

The best approach with Dungeons is to complete one as soon as you log in, since you only have 1 ticket and 10 minutes are required to get a new one. So log in, go to the Dungeon, grab the rewards and before logging out, complete at least one more Dungeon.

This would be all for now in terms of Endless Frontier tips and tricks. There are even more advanced mechanics and features to talk about, but we’ll deal with them in a future article. Until then, if you have some tips and tricks of your own, don’t hesitate to share them with us by commenting below.


    • I would use a sage that has been enhanced quite a bit, I use wind walker, that can take hits from the units. One all the units have been sent out (you’ll know because they come out from a black/purple flash) kill them all using a skill, I use Tower of Babel it usually does the job) then once they are out of the way your sage should be able to kill it off since it’s only gonna take magical damage.


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