If you’re someone who constantly wishes that their favorite childhood stories could be brought to life, UsFun Games’ might just have the game for you. Heavily inspired by classic children’s literature, PAPER Anne sets you loose in a paper-based world of puzzles and fairy tales.

Letting players take up the mantle of its tactile hero Anne, PAPER Anne tasks you to save a papercraft world dominated by the wicked Queen of Hearts. It isn’t long before Anne realizes that she isn’t quite meant for this world, and must set about crafting her very own fairy tale story to save the day.

Boasting an art style that makes you feel like your wading through the pages of a pop-up book, beautiful hand-drawn animations help to immerse you within the world of PAPER Anne. Simple drag and drop mechanics will see you shift and slide the environments around you, letting you progress while solving the game’s ever-changing puzzles.

Chosen to be featured by Apple this week, iOS users can work their way through PAPER Anne’s journey of storybook wonder by downloading the game from the App Store right now.

Publisher UsFun Games also promises that a version is set to grace Android devices very soon.


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