The kingdom is yours to claim in Empires Mobile, a strategic base building game. As the new ruler of a kingdom in a high fantasy land, it’s your job to train up troops, establish a production line of food and supplies, and ensure that your kingdom prospers. There’s lots to do in this kingdom building game, so we’ll help you get started with on the right path with our Empires Mobile beginner’s guide!

Follow the Main Quests

Empires Mobile, like many other base building games, has a rigorous set of quests that are laid out for you. Quests can be accessed at any time by tapping on the scroll at the top left corner.

Quests are split into two categories: main and side. Main quests are the ones you should prioritize, as they lead you down the general progression route and ensure your base is up-to-date.

Side quests are optional, but they’re still worth completing as they often reward you with resources. You probably won’t have to go out of your way to complete them, as often times you’ll do them naturally as you play the game.

In addition to the regular quests, you also have daily quests that cycle out every day. Completing them earns you resources and activity points, and when you have enough activity points you can claim a free treasure chest. Treasure chests often contain helpful items like speed boosts, so it’s worth doing the daily quests if you have the time.

Your time is precious, so you should prioritize main quests, daily quests, and finally side quests, in that order. If you’re ever unsure of what to work towards next, simply take a look at your main quest and go from there.

Keep your Kingdom Busy

The main rule to follow in Empires Mobile is to never let your kingdom idle for too long. If you ever have an idle barracks or there’s a free slot in your building queue, you’ll see a button with two soldiers appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can tap this button to bring up a quick overview of what you can build or train.

Train more troops in your barracks. Build new buildings or upgrade your existing ones. It doesn’t matter what you pick – just make sure that your kingdom is constantly expanding!

Don’t forget about healing wounded units in your hospitals or research in the academy as well. Research upgrades are just as important to the expansion of your kingdom as more units!

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Explore the Land

When you’re waiting for a long building time to finish, why not explore the world while you wait? Be sure to send out your scouts from the scout camp periodically to reveal more of the land. You can scout out helpful points of interest this way.

The land contains a whole slew of things to do, and they’re all worth valuable resources. You can battle it out with powerful monsters to earn loot, or take over a local quarry or field to harvest resources.

You can use the search tool (the magnifying glass) to look for a specific point of interest. You’ll need to do this for multiple main quests, so get used to using it. Points of interest are a quick and easy way to earn some resources, so get in the habit of doing it.

Join an Alliance

As you’re completing the main quests, you’ll eventually get one to either join a public alliance or create your own. Alliances are basically guilds in the game where multiple players can come together and help each other out and work towards the same goals.

Alliances are super beneficial in this game. When you’re in an alliance, you can ask your alliance members to help you out with building times, which is very useful for when you’re low on speed-ups. Don’t forget to help out your fellow alliance members as well!

Alliance members can also come to your aid when combat goes bad. If another player assaults you, you can call for aid from your alliance to come assist you. The point is that alliances are extremely beneficial, so you should join one as soon as you can.

Use the Right Hero for the Job

Heroes are not only your lead warriors in a battle – they can do all sorts of things! Each hero has access to three different skill trees, and you can tell which ones they have if you look at their profile. Some heroes are more fitted for battle, while others are suitable for gathering.

You can give heroes experience books, which will level them up. Upon leveling up, a hero will gain talent points that can be spent on learning new passive skills from one of their three trees. Early on, it’s best to focus on just one tree because your heroes won’t level up too much.

It’s good to have a hero for marching squads into battle, and it’s also helpful to have one designated for harvesting resource points discovered on the map.

Closing Tips

  • Keep an eye out for ongoing events and messages from the developers. Often times they come with free rewards, so make sure not to miss out on them.
  • Use your free summons at hero shrine every day. You can one premium summon and three regular summons free daily.
  • If you’re ever short on resources (this shouldn’t happen early on), take a look in your inventory, as you probably have consumables that immediately give you a certaint amount of resources.

And that’s about everything you need to know to get started in Empires Mobile. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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