Gamevil have just launch a pretty solid RPG game on the App Store, Elune Saga. Battling monsters, building and leveling up your squad – these are all part of this amazingly addictive game. But we’re not here to praise this title, we’re here to talk some Elune Saga cheats and tips and help you with the perfect strategy guide that will help you progress faster and beat all stages without a problem.

So if you’re having trouble defeating a specific boss or passing a certain stage, this article will hopefully help you get there and even further. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch Tap Play’s Elune Saga tips and cheats for a perfect strategy!


1. Good friends take you far
Probably not the first tip you were expecting to see, but it really is true: having great friends will take you far in this game because you can use them in battle and especially use an extremely powerful squad member. So make sure that you add new friends to the game and always add the active ones recommended by the game before a mission starts. This way your job will be a lot easier!

2. It’s all about positioning
Heroes placed at the front take all damage, while those at the back are generally safe from enemy fire. Therefore, place your low health units and healers at the back and keep the tanks (high health) at the front. It doesn’t have to be archers at the back, melee fighters at the front: whoever has more health gets the front line, just like that. It also makes some sense to try and keep your friends at the front. In case a character dies, it receives less experience points, and with just one at the front you reduce the risk of losing too many.

3. Soulstones for summoning or new hero?
Getting a new special hero costs 100 Soulstones, which are relatively easy to get by playing the game and completing some of the achievements. On the other hand, you can get some nice extra souls from the market to improve the current stats of your heroes, and it’s a lot cheaper to do so. Personally, I would suggest to invest in souls and keep on playing to upgrade your heroes rather than spending so much on a single hero. You will eventually unlock a new one a bit later on in the game, so you can do without.

4. Summon souls smartly
If you are going to summon souls using Soulstones, you can be really smart about it to get the most for your money. Get a chunk of stones first, then start summoning: the next soul you summon in a row is always cheaper, so you will end up paying 57 Soulstones for two summons in a row, instead of 60. That’s a good discount!

5. Upgrade your souls
The one star souls that you have should always be used to upgrade your better souls because you will surely never use the one stars in the battle. So as soon as you get some, use them to upgrade the existing souls. Also, if you have two star souls that are worse than the ones you already have, use them too. The idea is to always upgrade the best souls you already have and the more stars there are, the better. Also, the elements matter too so you should always use the same element with the soul to get a bonus when upgrading.

6. Replay missions
The best way to get a ton of XP and coins and eventually soul materials for upgrade is to play early missions over and over again. They are quick and can be easily aced on Auto, so do it whenever you have some extra energy or you seem to be left behind in terms of strength when going for the later stages.

7. Focus on the Adventure
I know that entering the Arena sounds extremely exciting, but the truth is that you need to spend some time adventuring if you are to stand a chance there. It’s also best to enter the Arena only when you can use a full 4-character squad to improve your chances. So don’t waste your Arena tickets early on, work on building your squad up, be patient and you will be more successful.

You have to be very dedicated when it comes to playing Elune Saga, but you will be rewarded greatly too. So keep on playing, log in daily, take advantage of the daily blessings and keep grinding on those lower levels and you will become a pro in no time! If you have other Elune Saga tips & tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us below!



  1. You’re wrong about 1* you should upgrade and enchance them because their quick to lvl and enchance you can combine them and get good 2 stars and if their not good combine it with another 2 star you don’t want for a good 3 star and soulstones should be saved for recruiting the others like Sofia and buying their costume because they charge only soulstone a part from that good guide


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