Elsword: Evolution is here, a mobile version of the PC action anime RPG! Choose from three diverse heroes and fight your way through hundreds of levels packed to the brim with dangerous enemies. Use powerful abilities to mow your foes down and build your character using mystical equipment! If you love anime themed RPGs, Elsword is for you! We’re here with a general guide on how to perform better through the levels, so let’s get started with ourĀ Elsword: Evolution cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Refine your gear!

If you get duplicates of the same type of equipment, you can “refine” your gear! You equip one of the pieces, then you can use the extra pieces to power up the base gear. Refinery works by select a random attribute from the piece of equipment that is being broken down then transferring it to the gear you actually have equipped. The stat that is highlighted in blue is the best stat, so cross your fingers! You will constantly be getting duplicates of the same gear, so make sure you refine your favorites to make yourself very powerful! As a quick reference, when you’re looking through your inventory, a blue up arrow means that piece of gear may be a potential upgrade compared to your currently equipped gear. A red up arrow means that the gear has less stats, which makes it suitable for refining. Keep in mind that refining costs some gold, so if you’d rather, you can just sell your extra equipment.

2. Collect your rewards!

Tapping the top right button will bring you to the rewards menu. Rewards are split into five different categories. If you see a red dot here, that means there is something waiting for you to collect! You can also check to see what you need to do in order to fulfill the requirements, and we recommend completing as many of these achievements as possible, because a lot of them reward you with diamonds, the premium currency of this game. Not to mention, you can buy a free spin on the ice machine every day, so don’t forget about that!

3. Don’t forget about your fashion!

As mentioned above, you can play the Ice Shaver Machine for free once every day. Why do clothes come from the ice shaver machine, you ask? We don’t know, but we do know that fashion pieces actually grant you stat boosts just like regular gear does, so you’re going to want to get fashionable! Save up your diamonds and make sure you get your free draw every day to build up your wardrobe. There’s a discounted ice machine and a regular ice machine. The regular one costs more diamonds to draw, but the chance of getting better things is much higher.

4. Power up your skills!

A big part of your damage comes from your skills. These active skills unleash your character’s true power and they hit enemies hard. You can make them even better by upgrading them. Every time you level up you’ll gain a skill point, which you can spend to improve the power of one of your skills. Make sure to upgrade your skills as much as you can!

5. Combo your skills!

Some skills synergize well with each other. For example, Alisha the mage learns two skills early on, Snowy Strike and Binding Ring. Binding ring creates a vortex that pulls enemies in keeps them in place. It doesn’t do much damage by itself, but it sets up enemies in the perfect position to hit them all with a well-placed snowy strike! This also works wonders for her other skill, Portal. Try out all of your skills to see which ones work well with each other!

6. Get all three stars!

Each level has three stars for you to obtain. You can get them by fulfilling certain conditions, which can be seen of the left side of the screen. If you get enough stars in total, you’ll be able to open bonus chests for that chapter. In general, try to get through the levels as fast as you can without taking too much damage. Don’t drink any HP potions either!

That’s all for Elsword: Evolution. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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