Elemental Dungeon Online Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Survive the Dungeon

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Welcome to the dungeon! Elemental Dungeon Online is an action RPG roguelike where you take on the role of an apprentice wizard who has control over the elements of the world. Mix and match elements to create amazing spells!

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Every time you enter the dungeon, it will be randomly generated so that you will not know what to expect. With our Elemental Dungeon Online tips and tricks guide, we will show you how to master the elements to get through the dungeon safely!

Steel your heart, grab your staff, and equip your accessories: it’s time to head into the dungeon. Let’s get started with our Elemental Dungeon Online cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving the dungeon!

Equip accessories to boost your combat efficiency!

If you talk to the tall guy that sort of looks like a vampire, he is actually a pretty good guy! He is in charge of accessories and treasure maps. Accessories are little trinkets that you can equip that provide you special effects, like restoring HP upon killing an enemy, or reducing the amount of mana your spells cost.

Accessories are very powerful, but you can initially only equip one. You can unlock four more slots, for a total of five slots. Two slots must be unlocked by killing enough monsters, while the other two have to be purchased with gems.

You need a total of 80 gems to unlock the two bottom slots, and we highly recommend that this is the first thing you should spend your gems on. Having accessory boosts greatly improves your odds of survival!

Decipher treasure maps to unlock new accessories!

The second function of the vampire is to decipher treasure maps. You will find plenty of treasure maps during your dungeon delves, and they contain new accessories. You cannot use them right away though, they must be decipher first.

Whenever your run is over, you can head on over to our favorite vampire friend. You can choose a map to decipher, and each map takes a varying amount of time before they are decipher, anywhere from 10 minutes all the way to 12 hours.

The more powerful the accessory, the longer it will take. Before you stop playing the game for a while, be sure to queue up some maps so that you can come back to them later.

Get through the various rooms!

When you reach the end of a floor, you are often presented with two different ways to go. Here is an explanation of the different routes you can take.

  • Treasure Rooms often contain merchants or orb shrines for you to purchase new elements or upgrade existing ones. You can also stock up or recharge on consumable items. You will find lots of treasure chests here too!
  • Maze Trials are the default layout. There are several rooms connected to each other with a varying amount of monsters inside.
  • Nightmare Trials are like the Maze Trials, but you will be trapped in a room where you must defeat a high amount of monsters before the way forward unlocks.
  • Brave Trials are like the Maze Trials but with more monsters to fight.
  • Boss Rooms are denoted by a skull frame door. Be ready for a fight!

Mix and match elements for devastating effects!

As you know, combining multiple elements creates very powerful spells. The triple-combo spells are the most powerful spells you can ever cast, but they cost a lot of mana. Be sure to keep an eye on your mana while you are blowing up your foes – you do not want to run out of mana in the middle of a fight.

Some enemies will be immune to certain elements, or certain spells will be ineffective against specific enemies. For example, flying enemies are not affected by the mine-type spells, like Shadow Mines, and icy enemies are immune to any spell that uses Frost.

Be sure to have fill out your third orb slot as soon as you can to ensure you have lots of combat options!

Upgrade your orbs!

When you come across an Orb Shrine, you have three options: upgrade your orbs, get a random new orb, or get a new fixed orb.

Upgrading your orbs grants you a damage boost for the remainder of your current run, and it is the most expensive option. You should try to do this as much as possible however, because it rewards you with magic energy, the currency needed to unlock new spells and characters.

Getting a random new orb requires you to either pay gems or watch an advertisement. If you do not have a third orb yet, we recommend going with the option.

And finally, the orb on the right can be bought with coins. This is a good option if you want to swap your orbs or fill out your third slot.

Combine elemental status effects for interesting results!

You may have noticed that certain environmental conditions and spells have lasting effects on you and monsters. For example, splashing an enemy with a water spell will make them drenched, as denoted by the dripping water from them.

In this state, throw a shock of lightning at the enemy and they will take increased damage because of their wet status. There are plenty of interactions like this! Another example is mud-covered things taking reduced damage from fire, or wet enemies freezing in place after getting hit with frost.

Use the environment to your advantage, and combo your own spells to create awesome effects!

That’s all for our guide for surviving through Elemental Dungeon Online’s randomly generated dungeons! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Elemental Dungeon Online Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Survive the Dungeon

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