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Ranni the Witch Elden Ring
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Elden Ring wouldn’t be the same without Ranni the Witch—or Renna, as she calls herself at first. She is the mysterious but ever-so-important non-playable character in this notoriously difficult game that moves the story along by giving you a major quest line.

After her initial appearances, she takes her residence at Ranni’s Rise, her tower, but many players encountered problems with finding Ranni in this location. If you’re also trying to figure out why Ranni is not in her tower, read this Elden Ring guide and discover the solution to this issue.

Why Is Ranni Not in Her Tower in Elden Ring?

There are several reasons why Ranni is not showing up at her expected location for you. The most common problem the players face is that they unknowingly trigger parts of her quest before meeting her. If you’ve discovered the festival at Redmane Castle before being sent there by Ranni, she won’t appear.

Another reason could be that you attacked one of her servants (for example, Smithing Master Iji) or enraged her in some other way.

How to Fix the Issue of Ranni Not Appearing in Her Tower in Elden Ring

Depending on the reason behind Ranni not appearing in her tower in Elden Ring, you will want to try different solutions. If you’ve already been to the Redmane Castle and then go searching for Ranni, she won’t be there until you finish what needs to be done at that location—killing Radahn. This is one of the most difficult Elden Ring bosses to beat, so make sure you’re ready for it because you won’t see Ranni again until after he’s dead.

In case you have already defeated Radahn but still can’t find Ranni, you might have annoyed her in some way. To fix this issue, you should purchase Celestial Dew in Caria Manor and then travel to the Church of Vows to absolve your sins. Once you’re no longer sinful, return to the tower, and Ranni should be there.

Let us know if these solutions helped you find Ranni in the end. For more Elden Ring help, don’t miss our other guides, including How to Get the Sacred Relic Sword in Elden Ring or How To Get All Ghost Glovewort Bell Bearings in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring: Why is Ranni Not in Her Tower? – Elden Ring Guide


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