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Ego Sword Cheats: Tips & Guide to Kill Bosses Fast

Ego Sword Cheats: Tips & Guide to Kill Bosses Fast

If you are curious how you can get super powerful, we have the best Ego Sword tips and cheats for you to pass a lot of levels and kill the bosses quickly. If you want to get the best looking swords to equip on your character, I’m also going to mention a few, so if you’re curious, check them out below!

The first things we are going to share with you in our Ego Sword tips and tricks, are the things you need to focus on. Since it is an idle clicker, there aren’t that many stuff to keep an eye on, but we are going to share everything you need to know anyway!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the Ego Sword tips and tricks!

Buy the consumables

The game has a weird mechanic in what regards the idleness of the game, and what I mean by that is that you don’t really have that many idle options at start. What I did here, and what I suggest you do as well, is head on to the Shop and buy from the Usable tab, a Berserker Potion. This will make things soooo much easier.

By buying this consumable, for a while you won’t have to attack anything because the game will do everything on its own. If you want to speed through you can also go for the Time Potion, but that one lasts for 60 seconds only, while the Berserker Potion lasts 180 seconds.

Go into the dungeons

Here you can adventure into a multitude of dungeons, from Rift Dungeon to Bounty Hunt. Depending on where you’re headed, you will be rewarded the corresponding item for that dungeon.

The available dungeons are these:

Rift Dungeon: where you get Rift Shards that you can use to purchase several items in the game.

Cave of Essence: is a place where you get Sword Essence, which is used to improve your Specialty.

Ultimate Stone Mine: here you can get Ultimate Stones that you can use to upgrade your jewels.

Contract: where you can get for a few Rubies several instance entrances.

Bounty Hunt: is the instance where you go to hunt beasts.

Elemental Rift: is the dungeon where you go to gather the elemental materials needed to improve the elemental.

I suggest you go into the Rift Dungeon whenever you feel powerful enough to pass the following levels, and keep track of the timer always. It’s best if you use that to buy the weapon skins you want, or even the character skins you like. 

Tap the flying orb and how to get more Rubies

Every once in a while you will see a red glowing orb flying into your screen. If you’ve never noticed it before, shame on you. This is an easy and quick way to get a few extra Rubies, because whenever you tap it it’s going to drop some.

In order to get some more Rubies, you can not only tap the orb mentioned above, but also by watching a “Video of the outland” (a.k.a. an ad). These features will move around your character for a while when available, and while the Rubies from the orb are instant, for the other option the ad doesn’t take long, and will give you 30 Rubies.

I suggest doing this if you are in need of a couple more to buy a potion or so, because it’s going to be worth your time. If you want more of these and you’re willing to actually spend a few bucks, you can get Ruby packs from the store.

Get reborn into a new you

Whenever you advance through the levels, you can get more and more powerful. When you want to get reborn, you will get to keep all the sword upgrades so far, as well as all the upgrades you did to your character, but the stages start over.

Once you choose this option, you will also be awarded Sword’s Essences needed to improve your Specialty. You can see the progress bar of the levels when you tap this option, and if you choose to get reborn after reaching over 90% of a level’s progress, you’ll be rewarded 50% more Crystals.  

Change your appearance

My favorite things in every single game that I play, is customizing my character to make it look amazing. By doing this, it keeps me playing and wanting to do more and more content. Even if they simple cosmetics, I can’t help but mention these since they are really cool.

In Ego Sword you will be able to customize everything, from your character to your sword. Here you can choose from hundreds of costume combinations, and not to mention the sword skins.

The costumes all cost Rift Shards, and I mentioned above how you gather them. Some parts cost more than others, so always plan ahead which ones you want your character to use, because they will take some time to farm.

The sword skins also cost Rift Shards, and you can go for any one you want if you plan ahead. Some of the costume parts (and sword skins) give some extra stats, so choose wisely!

Evolve your sword and pick a skill

By clicking on the Sword menu, you will see several tabs there. What I suggest you do here is for the first several hundred levels, keep evolving your sword. This is going to increase its damage by a lot, and it is instantly noticeable.

Also, as you evolve it, its looks will change, and you can pick any look that it had so far, or opt for a sword skin (as I mentioned above), because they give some extra stats.

While also checking out your sword, you can choose which skills you want to play with. You should unlock the second skill as soon as you have the possibility, and if you don’t like them, change them.

I personally like Soul Rush because it deals massive damage; the only drawback is the 180 seconds cooldown. However, this isn’t a problem since we kill fast anyway. As for the other skill, I prefer Ancestor’s Blade because it has super low cooldown and deals a strong one-shot attack.

Pick a specialty

The Specialty you choose should be according to your playstyle and the skills you play with. You get more Sword’s Essences whenever you get Reborn (as I mentioned above) and you should always try to maximize this whenever possible.

When you increase your Specialty level, you will get a point you can spend in one of the three categories: Knight, Marauder, Warlock. I personally like Knight because of the sheer pure power and the damage it does, and I synergize really well with this.

No matter which ones you want to go for, you can try out different builds and even if it doesn’t turn out good in the end, for 200 Rubies you can reset the points anytime.

These are all the Ego Sword tips and cheats we have gathered for you. Do you have some other tips for the fellow players? Leave them down in the comments below for everyone to see!

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