Home Guides Early Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return

Early Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return

Early Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return

Season 9 is in its final stages and soon, players will get to experience a brand new season in COD Mobile. COD Mobile Season 10 is coming to the game on November 18 and, as always, will include fresh new weapons, a unique Battle Pass, themed events, a new ranked season. These are just a few things Activision has in store for players in COD Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return.

Recently, new balance changes for the upcoming season were announced. The developers have nerfed the MX9-Shorty combo in COD Mobile and added a new weapon called the P90 SMG. Furthermore, launchers are also seeing drastic changes and players might have a tough time using the Season 10 scorestreaks in COD Mobile. Here are the multiplayer Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 10.

COD Mobile Season 10: Early Patch Notes revealed

These patch notes are from the Chinese version of the COD Mobile and you can expect the global version of COD Mobile to get official notices in the Reddit and Discord community updates from the official servers. With that said, take a look at what’s coming to COD Mobile Season 10.

1) Shorty

  • Decreased damage at range
  • Slightly increased vertical recoil

2) MX9

  • Decreased base damage from 30 to 25
  • Increased base recoil

3) MW11

  • Increased base damage from 26 to 35
  • Increased chest and headshot multiplier (40 damage for chest)

4) Swordfish

  • Increased mag size from 44 to 52
  • Decreased burst interval

-> Halberd mag

  • Increased mag size from 40 to 50
  • Increased chest+arms damage from 24 -> 26

5) Type 25

  • Increased fire rate
  • Increased base lower torso-abdomen damage from 24 to 26

-> Stopping Power

  • Adjusted recoil
  • Increased damage to 28 base damage and 30 upper chest damage
  • Removed reload speed penalty

6) Man-O-War

  • Decreased recoil
  • Improved BSA and hipfire accuracy

7) R9-0

  • Decreased STF delay
  • Increased re-chambering speed

8) Snipers and Marksman Rifles

  • Adjusted the feature of cancelling recenter animation by moving away. Players will need to move it more to quickly aim at another target.

9) Perk

  • Quick Fix will only trigger once per 2s

10) Weapon Perk – Speed Up Kill

  • Removed sprint speed boost, retaining the walking speed boost for reloading and rechambering
  • Limiting the normal speed boost and sliding speed boost.

11) Launchers

  • Fixed issues of damage delay after hitting

12) FHJ

  • Increased bullet velocity in Multiplayer

13) Thumper

  • Increased direct damage but decreased explosive radius.

14) SMRS

  • Increased direct base damage but decreased explosive radius (Multiplayer)
  • Decreased direct damage (Battle Royale).
  • Slightly decreased initial bullet velocity for SMRS, though maximum bullet velocity is the same (Battle Royale).

Get ready for a brand new season of COD Mobile. The Season 10 of COD Mobile drops on November 18. Activision has also teased a new map named Vacant. The map will be coming along with the new season.

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Early Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return


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