Storm the dragons with the power of the Dynasty Warriors in Dynasty Dragons, a strategy RPG. With the help of our Dynasty Dragons cheats and tips, you will enlist the aid of the legendary Dynasty Warriors to stop the nine sons of the Dragons – the force that is trying to conquer the land.

There are lots of heroes to recruit and even more skills to learn, so let’s get started with our Dynasty Dragons cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Support your units!

Always make sure to support your heroes during the transition phases. Supporting a hero will increase their energy gauge drastically, usually giving them enough energy to unleash their special skill right away. Pay attention – if the heroes make it to the next fight and you haven’t supported any of them, you’ll miss your chance! The good thing is that your heroes won’t move onto the next fight until you tap the Next button, so be ready then.

Enhance your gear!

Check hero equipment slots often – if you see a red notification circle, that means you can craft a piece of gear for that slot. If you already have gear equipped, that means it can be upgraded using enhancement stones. You come across copper fairly easily in this game, so don’t be afraid to craft as much gear as you can for your heroes. Enhancement stones are a little more rare, but you’ll still get enough of them to enhance your existing gear adequately.

Max out those skills!

Hero skills can be upgraded with a measly amount of copper. We’re serious when we say you’ll be overflowing with copper! Once you collect all the daily log in bonuses and achievements bonuses, you’ll get a ton of copper. Again – don’t be afraid to max out your heroes’ skills, especially since they only require copper.

Increase rarity!

If you have the right materials, you can increase the rarity of your heroes. Doing this grants them a big stat boost but most importantly unlocks their next skill. You’ll have to go out of your way to collect these materials usually, but it’s worth it. If you look at a hero’s profile, you can go to the Rarity Up screen and check what materials you need. If you tap on them you’ll see exactly which levels they have a chance to drop in.

Build a balanced team!

You have five spots on your line up, which is enough to hold one of each class. Guards (yellow shield) and Warriors (red axe) are front line warriors that protect your backline and dish out some pretty decent damage at the same time. Guards have abilities that focus on damage reduction while Warriors lean towards more damage.

Pioneers (purple sword) focus on damage and status ailments. Many Pioneers have at least one ability that allows them to stun, confuse, or otherwise debilitate enemies. Archers (green bow) are backline ranged attackers that deal both physical and magical damage, depending on their skills.

Mages (blue fan) are backline ranged attackers that specialize in devastating magic skills. They deal massive area damage and are great for clearing out big groups of enemies.

Try to have one of each class in your line up so that your team is balanced. This way you’ll be able to handle any challenge!

That’s all for Dynasty Dragons. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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