The Inhibitors are legendary consumable items in Dying Light 2 that players can use to upgrade their Stamina and Maximum HP. You can find Inhibitors in GRE containers as they are a bi-product of the GRE experiment on the Harran Virus used to give in-human-like strength and agility to humans. 

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The Inhibitors are found all around the City of Villedore. But, since you cannot see them marked on the game map(except for a few)—many players look for Inhibitors location map using which they can get every Inhibitor possible to upgrade Aiden HP and Stamina fast. 

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To help players out—we have shared the Inhibitor Locations map. And a few tips on how to find them easily in Dying Light 2

Inhibitor Locations Map

Here are the Inhibitors location marked on the Dying Light 2 game map:

Image Via SteamLists

How to Find Inhibitors Dying Light 2

When you are near an Inhibitor, you will hear an audio cue saying “Inhibitor Nearby.” Upon hearing it, look at the bottom left corner of the game screen, and you will find an Inhibitor icon with a distance parameter that changes as you get near the Inhibitor. 

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You can use this feature to locate the Inhibitors in Dying Light 2. Also, when you are relatively close to any Inhibitor, use your Survivor Sense to locate the GRE Container that holds the Inhibitors.

Dying Light 2 is an action-horror game available on Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC platform, with a Nintendo Switch release planned for later this year. 

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Dying Light 2 Inhibitor Locations Map


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