Just like you probably do, I LOVE Dwarven Den and it’s charming gameplay, addictive dungeons and the way it makes you feel that you need to collect more and more items and save those little cutesy dwarves. But we are not here to talk about how great the game is, we’re here to discuss some Dwarven Den cheats, tips and strategies that will help us get the most out of this game and keep on digging without ever getting stuck.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Dwarven Den cheats and tips in Touch Tap Play’s strategy guide!

1. Always find the shortest route
Since your energy is limited, your best bet is to try and find the best route to your goal. Learn how difficult each rock is to mine and follow the route that gets you there in as few taps as possible.

2. Tech is your friend
No matter which tech options you have with you, make sure you use the most out of them. I find the one that shows you how close you are to your objective pretty useless, but the bomb is great for breaking out a lot of difficult to break areas and the torch will help you save energy by not going in a wrong direction – one leading to a dead end.

3. Gather all the possible resources
Try to play each level in such a way that you gather all the possible resources (gold and treasure chests) per level. Replay the levels with many gold tiles to increase the gold that you have, even though each level is randomly generated and you won’t know exactly what route to follow. But any extra gold is extra gold, which translates as “useful”

4. Forge continuously
The blacksmith is your friend and you should always spend your coins there to forge better equipment. Depending on the pieces that you combine, you will get different effects. So keep forging, working your way up from the worst items to the best and see which one gives you the biggest advantages. Tip: go for the picks first since you will use them the most for digging.

5. Join a guild or create one
Join a guild in order to earn free gems by completing missions. The more members your guild has, the bigger the rewards, so it pays to be in a heavily populated guild. But even if you don’t have any friends playing Dwarven Den, you can still create your own guild and win free gems!

6. What boosts to use
I really don’t suggest spending valuable diamonds on boosts, but sometimes you might want to – or you might have enough diamonds to do so. The Gold x2 boost is really useful, especially in areas that you know to have a lot of gold tiles to start with. The one that extends visibility also can be really useful because it helps you save energy by knowing exactly what route is the best to take.

7. Login with Facebook
If you connect the game to your Facebook account, not only that you can invite friends over and receive free lives, but you also receive 10 Diamonds for doing so.

8. Trap enemies

Although a bit more difficult than straight out bombing them, you get more from trapping enemies, so whenever you think that’s a real possibility, do so!

And these would be our Dwarven Den tips and tricks for this amazing iPhone and iPad game. If you have other strategies that work, share them with us by commenting below!


  1. Traps will be unlocked as you play, very effective. Great against the treasure chest monsters, they turn into actual treasure chests if you trap them instead of kill them. Join our guild: Dwermer Legends

  2. Im playing a level with a bunch of treasure chest monsters, but I can’t use traps… How am I supposed to turn them Into regular chests??

  3. I am stuck on level 76 and it’s driving me crackers!?! Anyone help me out? How do you keep the button pressed down and get to the trapped
    Dwarf? Please help! Thanks in advance :)


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