Durango: Wild Lands: Guide to Support Factions

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In today’s article we are going to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to learn all about the Support Factions in Durango: Wild Lands, and what type of rewards each of them has for you.

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By playing the game, you have most likely encountered this feature, and if it left you with some questions unanswered, then here we are going to clear them all for you. 

We also have some Durango Wild Lands gameplay for you below, before we start this entire guide, to show you some quests being completed for the in-game faction (and some fighting as well!)

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Durango: Wild Lands – What is the Support Factions / Organization?

The Organization is the one delegating quests and asking you to go to various locations in order to complete certain tasks. The quests you can receive can come from several different factions, and these are:

– The Company

– Chlorophyll Forum

– Frontier Coalition

– The Committee

– Radio University

The quests can be acquired from the Communication Center on each island and the rewards they give are Trust for their specific faction, as well as Money and EXP. The amounts of EXP and money are different, but the Trust you get is usually 50. 

Each of the Organizations has 10 levels, and the Trust required to reach higher levels (upgrade your support level) increases with each level that you progress. 

As you advance onto better islands, the types of quests and the quality of the rewards increases, so make sure to always explore the highest level island you are safe on.

All of these rewards can be obtained several times, and the rewards you get are random (if there are more options), or set (if there is a single option). Underneath each of them you can see the cooldown until you can claim again, which can vary from anywhere between 6 hours to 10 hours. 

It’s important to know that once you unlock a higher tier reward, you can always require the rewards of the previous tiers. So knowing what each tier offers and the types of rewards you get is important to better plan your game.

The Company

The Company is represented by K, the character that you encounter when you are starting off in the game. The rewards you can obtain from The Company are:

– Level 1: Survival Food / Onion Roots / Improvised Stone Knife
– Level 2: Zylactin-Z (reduces Fatigue) / Coliban Potato (food) / Improvised Stone Hammer
– Level 3: Survival Food / Animal Medicine / Stone Saw
– Level 4: Anti-Bleeding Agent / Wooden Cutting Board / Stone Work Knife
– Level 5: Bread / Bud / Stone Work Hammer
– Level 6: Bacchus (reduces Fatigue) / Frying Pan / Bone Harpoon
– Level 7: Normal Pill / Milk / Bone Work Knife
– Level 8: Hamburger / Cultured Fungi / Bone Work Hammer
– Level 9: Painkiller / Cream / Metal Harpoon
– Level 10: Fatigue Restorative / Glass Cutting Board / Metal Pickaxe

As you can see, this faction relies mostly on food and other restorative items, such as Pills. The last option is for tools, so in case you find yourself breaking your Hammer and being unable to craft one, you can claim one from here. 

Chlorophyll Forum

This faction is represented by Liu, and just like K’s faction, will help you all throughout the game. These are the rewards you obtain:

– Level 1: Branch / Corn Seed, Makeshift Stone Hoe, Primitive Fertilizer / Budget Clothing Repair Kit
– Level 2: Log / Seed Potato, Primitive Fertilizer / Fabric Bag, Budget Clothing Repair Kit
– Level 3: Delicate Stalk / Wooden Shovel, Primitive Fertilizer / Bamboo Canteen, Budget Clothing Repair Kit
– Level 4: Cotton / Pumpkin Seed, Primitive Fertilizer / Fabric
– Level 5: Log / Wheat Seed, Primitive Fertilizer / Leather Boots, Standard Clothing Repair Kit
– Level 6: Sap / Bone Shovel, Primitive Fertilizer / Horn Canteen, Standard Clothing Repair Kit
– Level 7: Purple Tulip Flower / Tomato Seed, Primitive Fertilizer / Strong Thread
– Level 8: Log / Oleander Seed, Quality Fertilizer / Soft Fabric
– Level 9: Log, Wooden Plank / Branch, Adhesive Accessory / Oil Can, Quality Clothing Repair Kit
– Level 10: Mahogany Log, Metal Shovel / Liquid Fertilizer, Wide Square Sprinkler Plan, Multipurpose Wide Square Sprinkler Plan / Backpack, Quality Clothing Repair Kit

This faction is very focused on farming, tailoring and building, bust most of all farming. If you want to build useful farms on your island, then make sure you claim the seeds early on because there is no other way early game to gather such seeds other than this. 

Frontier Coalition

Novak’s organization here is one that will probably save you if you haven’t gathered food from The Company, as this one is basically a hunter’s organization. This is what you can obtain from Frontier Coalition:

– Level 1: Stone Chunk / Leg Bone / Meat
– Level 2: Stone Chunk / Large Leg Bone / Leather
– Level 3: Mud / Rib / Meat
– Level 4: Mud / Teeth / Pelt Piece
– Level 5: Stone Chunk / Large Leg Bone / Pelt Piece
– Level 6: Obsidian / Horn / Fat
– Level 7: Zinc Ore / Skull / Pelt
– Level 8: Stone Chunk / Large Leg Bone / Leather
– Level 9: Lead Ore / Bone Plate / Armor
– Level 10: Iron Ore / Rib / Leather

Novak’s faction focuses on meats and bones, as well as mining materials and ores which you can use for tools and such. The Fat is especially good because it is a very good cooking material.

This organization is quite useful as many of the items can be used in various ways, from eating to creating armors and tools.

The Committee

The Committee is represented by X, a character which mysteriously appears in your path. This faction is decent, but their rewards get very good only at the later on. Here are the rewards:

– Level 1: Rope / Budget Tool Repair Kit / Wooden Plank
– Level 2: Wooden Nail / Leather Strap / Wooden Plank
– Level 3: Charcoal / Leather Strap / Budget Building Repair Kit
– Level 4: Rope / Handle / Stalk Bundle
– Level 5: Gelatin Glue / Dried Leather Strap / Standard Tool Repair Kit, Wooden Plank 
– Level 6: Vinyl Fabric / Tang / Standard Tool Repair Kit, Floor Bonding Agent, Wall Bonding Agent
– Level 7: Cord / Crossbow Body / Standard Tool Repair Kit, Metal Stick
– Level 8: Adhesive Accessory / Spear Shaft / Standard Tool Repair Kit, Stove, Quality Building Repair Kit
– Level 9: Lock / Sturdy Crossbow Body / Quality Tool Repair Kit, Metal Accessories
– Level 10: Glass Shard / Pikestaff / Quality Tool Repair Kit, Quality Building Repair Kit, Colorful Round Mat

These support rewards are basically built around the weapons and tools, as well as building (and repairing). There are also a few furniture materials which you can use on your island, but these are only higher level rewards, so it will require a little bit of leveling.

Radio University

The fifth organization is different from the others and we think that it will either unlock at a much higher level or, more probably, acts like the “tutorial organization,” introducing various aspects in the game or gameplay mechanics.

If you know more about it, share it with us and the rest of the players down in the comments!

Durango: Wild Lands – How to level up the Support Factions / Organization?

The Support Factions can be leveled up by going to an unstable island and heading on to the Communication Center. Depending on your level and progress, you will have anything from one to more missions for the factions. 

To accept a missions and level up simply tap on the Communication Center and then on Accept Mission. There you can accept one or more missions at once and go ahead and do them. 

Some of the missions have a short cooldown (a couple minutes) after completion, but in the meantime you can just go ahead and use the time to reduce your Fatigue and organize your Bag. 

One other thing you should pay attention to is that, if you see a mission you do not like, you can swap it out! To refresh a mission, you can tap on it and click on the grey button on the bottom, next to the yellow one: “Accept Another Mission”. 

This will let you refresh the mission that you have selected, and get another one in its place, but for the same faction (organization). If you want to refresh again but don’t have any more free refresh chances, you can pay 30 Warp Gems, but I don’t recommend it!

Your main activity in the game would be that of completing missions for these factions, so make sure that you constantly do them one after another in order to increase your level, as well as their support level for better rewards.

This would be all that we have about the Durango: Wild Lands support factions! Don’t forget to check out our full page of guides for Durango: Wild Lands right here! There you will find a HUB with all of the guides and tips that we have about the game!

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Durango: Wild Lands: Guide to Support Factions

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