The one-touch genre continues with Dunkers! Dunkers is really simple yet fun game where you control a basketball player in a one on one match. Tap to jump and try to dunk the ball in the hoop! Just watch out – you have no direct control over your arms! They will be flailing around the entire game and it is up to you to time your grabs and dunks! Let’s get to dunking with our Dunkers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Control your jumps!


The longer you hold down a jump button, the further and higher you will go. Generally, it is better to hold down the button for long and high jumps rather than tapping it quickly, because you will produce short jumps that will not get you very far that way. Control your jumps and make sure you jump with accuracy, power and precision!

2. Stay in the air!

Going off of the above tip, holding down the jump button will make you go higher than normal. Try to stay in the air for as long as you can; it makes it much harder for your opponent to steal the ball from you. You will probably notice early on that many of the “steals” that your opponent gets is from them randomly bumping into you with their arms flailing around. If you do need to get close to your opponent, try to time it so that your arms are not swinging towards him at the moment of collision!

3. Utilize the backpedal!

The bottom left corner button is the backpedal button. Tapping this will make your character back hop a tiny bit. You utilize this to reposition your character for a better shot, or juke your opponent. Do not forget about it; it is a very helpful maneuver! There is a small trick to it, too. The backpedal is not affected by how long you hold down the button, so you can tap it rapidly. More to that – you can actually backpedal an infinite amount of times, even when you are in air! This can be useful for tricking your opponent.

4. Practice in Arcade mode!

Before you tackle the career mode, you should get accustomed to the controls and physics of the game by going into arcade mode. Arcade mode is essentially a score attack mode, where you see how many dunks you can get before your opponent gets one dunk in on you. This is good practice, because losing simply means restarting. If you lose a match in career mode, you will go down in rank and have to rebeat your next opponent!

That’s all for Dunkers. If you have any other dunking tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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