Hit the streets of fast-paced basketballs game in Dunk Nation 3X3! In this multiplayer sports game, you’ll pick a stylish character, each with their own unique abilities. With the help of our Dunk Nation 3X3 cheats and tips, you’ll be able to outfit your character with a variety of freestyle skills, sick maneuvers, and of course awesome outfits.

Grab your best kicks because it’s time to hit the court! Here’s our Dunk Nation 3X3 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Utilize your Skills!

Skills come in two flavors: Skills and Talents. Skills are special maneuvers that must be activated under specific conditions. Skills can help you pull off some crazy shots, and a lot of them will even just outright guarantee you a dunk. One of the starting skills you get Windmill Dunk, which is performed by lining yourself up with the hoop and shooting when you’re right in front of it. This awesome dunk is pretty much a guaranteed score, so don’t be afraid to use it as much as you can.

Talents must be equipped like Skills, but they don’t require any more effort to activate. Talents provide your character with passive bonuses, like stat increases, shot accuracy increase, and more. While Skills requires gold to be upgraded, Talents will upgrade on their own as long as you have them equipped. Don’t forget to pick your favorites!

Stay on the highlighted arc!

When you’re on defense, you’ll see a highlighted arc in front of the player you’re trying to block. When you’re standing in the arc, it’ll turn green – this is to show that you’re in the best place to obstruct your opponent. It’ll turn red when you leave the zone.

If they get the ball, keep an eye on them and decide on the best course of action. Are they dribbling around? Try going for a steal! Are they trying to get into position? Wait until they shoot and then try to block ’em with a jump!

Complete the quests and stars!

Quests are side objectives that you can complete for precious gold and experience. Try to complete as many of these as you can, as they’re the main way to get more gold. You’ll level up much faster too!

When playing the Career matches, each level has optional stars you can get. To obtain these stars you’ll need to do things like score a certain amount of points, perform a specific maneuver, and so forth.

The more stars you get, the closer you’ll be to unlocking the career present, which contains a number of awesome goodies. Thankfully you’ll complete most of these star requirements naturally, but keep an eye out for tricky ones.

Play through Career for a bit!

Career mode is essentially the single-player mode of this game, but it’s okay since you’re still rewarded with gold, experience, and other stuff to help your player grow. We recommend playing at least through the first City Tournament before you hop online to play against other players. You’ll have grown a lot and have gotten a feel for the game. Try it out!

That’s all we’ve got for Dunk Nation 3X3 for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to keep you fresh on the court, let us know in the comments below!



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